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Gang Drowned Pony And Horrified Onlookers

A group of 12 men and boys were seen pushing a pony, attached to a trap, into the eight-feet deep lake. Although there was one 21-year-old walker who came across the incident and attempted to help; He was kicked in the head by the terrified animal and knocked unconscious. Authorities are now searching for the thugs that did this.

Apparently, the group of twelve was also seen beating the animal with sticks:

Officers are also investigating reports the yobs used sticks to beat the two-year-old piebald cob pony as it tried desperately to haul itself out of Hawley Lake, near Farnborough, Hampshire, on Saturday afternoon.

Two other ponies were also in danger as the group of thugs attempted to push them in as well. They were also attached to the trap, but fortunately, were spared.
The pony that was pushed into the water and beaten was unable to crawl out the way that it was pushed in and attempted to swim to the other side. Due to the weight of the trap and the depth of the water, he was pulled under and drowned.

Hampshire Police also launched a joint investigation with the RSPCA to find those responsible.

Sophie Wilkinson, of the RSPCA, said: ‘It’s an extremely cruel and shocking thing that these people have done and we have no idea why they did it.

‘It seems a gang of 12 men and boys lined up three ponies and traps and tried to force them into the water – they succeeded with this one.’

Police spokesman Alan Smith added: ‘When the attempt to push a second and third pony into the lake failed, the group of people drove them and their traps away in the direction of Yateley.

‘There were a number of people around at the time including dog walkers and fishermen and we would like to hear from witnesses.’



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