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[VIDEO] Adopted Son of Two Gay Dads: Daniel’s Letter To Chief Justice Roberts


Proposition 8 is an issue that I am very much interested in seeing resolved. Being a lesbian myself, with a wedding planned for 6 months from today, I want nothing more than to be able to LEGALLY wed my fiancee on that day. Unfortunately, even though same-sex marriage was legalized in California, it had been overturned on appeal and a final decision is being considered as of now. In fact, the hearings have already begun and a decision is to be expected by the end of June. I am very hopeful that this day will happen and I will truly be marrying the love of my life as opposed to showing a symbol of our affection (at the same cost ha).
[for more information on the case, scroll to below the video]

The video below is of a young man, Daniel, who was adopted by two gay fathers. This extraordinary kid decided to write a letter to Chief Justice Roberts, after discovering that he, too, adopted two young kids.

SF Gate:

The justices will hear arguments Tuesday on Prop. 8′s constitutionality, followed a day later by a hearing on the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that denied federal benefits to married same-sex couples. Rulings are due by the end of June.

The court said Tuesday that it would release same-day audio recordings of the hearings in both cases, the first time it has done so since last year’s arguments on the federal health care law. It does not allow hearings to be televised.

The Obama administration will take part in both hearings, arguing that laws discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation should be considered suspect because gays and lesbians have been subject to persecution.

Despite recent gains, they are still unable to marry in most states, are unprotected by discrimination laws in many states and lack substantial political power, the Justice Department said.

That argument was disputed Tuesday by Prop. 8′s sponsors, a conservative religious coalition called Protect Marriage.

While “gays and lesbians have been subject to a regrettable history of discrimination,” the prejudice has “waned dramatically in recent years,” the pro-Prop. 8 lawyers wrote.

“Aside from redefining marriage, it is difficult to identify any objective that gays and lesbians in California have not achieved,” the lawyers said, citing the state’s domestic-partner and antidiscrimination laws.

Lower federal courts have ruled Prop. 8 unconstitutional, saying the denial of marriage to gays and lesbians would not benefit opposite-sex couples or the institution of marriage and was ultimately based on moral disapproval of homosexuality. Backers of the measure disagreed.

Marriage was never intended to be “genderless” and was meant, instead, to “channel potentially procreative sexual relationships into enduring, stable unions” to raise children, the Prop. 8 lawyers said.

[VIDEO] Selma & Kenny’s Marriage Advice: Amazing


Selma and Kenny have been married 72 years and have some wonderful words of wisdom for their grandson, Mike. Luckily, we’re all lucky enough to take hints from them as well.

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[VIDEO] Expedia Made Me Cry: Find Your Understanding

Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 3.18.24 PM

Expedia has shared its support for same-sex couples before, but this time, they have come out with a rather heartfelt video that definitely made me cry. This video is a portion of Expedia’s “Find Yours” ongoing campaign, and shares Artie Goldstein’s story. This father explains how he feels a bit uneasy when traveling to his daughter Jill’s same-sex wedding in California, but then goes on to show his support.

“My expectations of what Jill’s life was going to be included a husband,” Goldstein recalls. “So when Nikki came to ask permission to marry our little girl, that startled me. I told her, ‘This is not the dream I had for my daughter.’ I didn’t say yes, I didn’t say no.” Stunning footage of Jill and Nikki’s nuptials accompany Goldstein’s emotional narration. “You come to terms with it…it’s supposed to be this way,” Goldstein observes.

The two beautiful brides wrote to HuffPost Gay Voices and shared their appreciation of Expedia featuring their journey in this campaign.

“Our hope is that all families can experience this type of closeness and support, regardless of sexuality,” Nikki and Jill Weiss-Goldstein said. “We are extremely proud of our father and his personal journey that has led him to his understanding.”

Expedia was able to portray a message of tolerance, understanding, and family all entangled with the unique experience of travel. They didn’t focus on the physical journey that Artie Goldstein took, instead paid more attention to the emotional journey he was embracing. Goldstein was able to overcome his unease and make a trip to walk his little girl down the aisle. Thanks to the love for his daughter and the ease of Expedia getting him where he needed to go, you see how this man’s journey was a good one, all while highlighting Expedia’s support for same-sex couples.

Well done Expedia, well done.


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[VIDEO] Drunk Lady Has Nervous Breakdown During Wedding Testimonial: HILARIOUS

This is definitely the best video I have seen today. There’s nothing like watching a drunk woman have a nervous breakdown and hide from the camera… all while trying to give a VIDEO testimonial.

[VIDEO] William Stokkebroe, 2, Is Really Working The Crowd With His Great Dancing!


I have never seen a little white boy dance so good. Not only does he go out onto an empty dance floor, but he works the crowd throughout the entire video! He also lip-sync’s regardless of the fact that he may not even be able to speak all that well. Way to go William!

“The boys name is William Stokkebroe. After seeing his parents Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe and the dancers of studie43 practising he is showing what he has learned at the Galla opening 2. Marts 2012″

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Bride Arrested on Wedding Day

Tammy Lee Hinton, 50, was arrested on the day she said ‘I DO’ for identity theft. Authorities in Port Richey had been searching for Hinton and finally apprehended her when she returned to Michigan for her own wedding. Lucky for her, they let Hinton and the groom proceed with the ceremony before taking her into custody. Personally, I would have called the wedding off, but I’m not too shocked that the man choosing to marry her went through with it.

“Hinton was booked Saturday at the Jackson County jail, veil, gown and all. Hinton appeared hours later before a judge who let her post $5,000 bail so she could return to the wedding festivities.”

I am in awe that someone with such an extensive criminal history as well as being known to flee had such a low bail just so she could return to her festivities. It’s good to know that justice has been executed. Oh, and here’s the kicker…

Update: “Hinton was a no-show for Monday’s arraignment, he said. Officers are once again looking for her.”


First Gay Marriage at Sweden’s Ice Hotel

Inspired by the continued joy of Marriage Equality in New York State -- we actually got the news while in Sweden -- let's take a look back at SAS's Love is in the Air contest which warmed our hearts (even as it chilled Editor in Chief Aaron Hicklin's bones back in December) with the first gay marriages to take place at 32,000 feet. The American couple Thomas and Brett even got a special commitment ceremony at the IceHotel, pictured above. Quite a different experience than Team Out experienced, but magic all the same.


It was barely noon in early December, and the sun was already setting as Thomas Landreth and Brett Kessler touched down in the Swedish mining town of Kiruna, a few hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle. A pale pink line underscored the horizon. Snow lay in pillowy drifts and weighed down the branches of the pine trees. Packs of huskies, lean and feral-looking, filled the crisp air with impatient yelps. Bundled up against the stinging cold, Landreth and Kessler clambered onto a waiting sled and, with a polite cry of “hey” from the driver, the dogs surged forward. 

One evening earlier the couple, both 22, had stood on a stage in New York’s West Village for what was described as a “wedding and rehearsal cocktail,” at which they’d met their European counterparts— a lesbian couple from Poland and a gay male couple from Germany. The Europeans had married earlier that day on a Stockholm-New York SAS flight that was billed as the world’s first same-sex in-flight wedding, the result of a contest designed to exemplify Sweden’s progressive values. Also in attendance were around 30 reporters and the Swedish celebrity Efva Attling, best known in Europe for a hit 1981 pop ballad, “The Two of Us,” there to present each of the newlyweds with rings inscribed with the words from here to eternity from her eponymous jewelry line.

To celebrate their new status, the Europeans were promised a flashy menu of Brazilian blowouts, spray tans, nail appliques, and a visit to Christian Bale’s favorite spa (minus Christian Bale), courtesy of the New York City and West Hollywood tourism boards. By contrast, Landreth and Kessler would enjoy their conjugal rites in Sweden’s Icehotel, where the temperature doesn’t rise above 21 degrees Fahrenheit—so frigid that guests have to sleep in Arctic sleeping bags.

Needless to say, the Brazilian blowout has yet to reach Jukkäsjarvi, population 519, but no one travels to this small one-street town on the banks of the pristine Torne River to be pampered. They go for the Northern Lights and the ice (occasionally the ice goes to them—Jukkasjärvi’s talented ice-smiths supply pop-up ice bars as far afi eld as Tokyo and Dubai). Sometimes they even go to get married. “It was always going to be a destination wedding by default,” said Landreth, who had been discussing marriage with Kessler since last June. “But we’d always of thought Connecticut or D.C.” They didn’t anticipate their journey would involve sled dogs or a wedding banquet consisting of reindeer stew.

For their wedding night, the lovebirds chose a room inspired by the movie Tron, installed by British designers Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones. The overall impression was of being trapped in an Atari video game. “We both embrace our inner geek,” said Kessler, adding that he and Landreth, students at UNC Chapel Hill, bonded over repeat viewings of Shaun of the Dead and Clerks 2. Similarly unfussy, the couple wore their snowsuits and boots during the ceremony. “We are here to celebrate love,” local minister Lise-Lott Wikholm told the congregation, before delivering a reading from Saint Paul. “It felt, in some senses, very binding,” said Kessler afterward. “We wish everyone we knew could have been here.” And with that, he and Landreth were ushered into a sled and driven off to their frosty honeymoon suite by two reindeer lucky enough to have escaped lunch.

I love that gay marriage is now going global! It has been such a long and hard battle for gay couples to first gain rights as individuals, but now be receiving rights as a couple too. This is a huge step in the right direction for the gay community. The more marriages we see, means the more people are willing to accept the fact that gay couples are here to stay and will continue to fight for their right…to marry. Congratulations to the happy, and cold, couple!

Source: http://www.popnography.com/2011/07/out-goes-to-sweden-the-first-gay-marriage-at-32000-feet.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Popnography+%28Popnography%29&utm_content=Twitter

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