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[VIDEO] Dog Swims Out To Sea And Is Rescued By Kayak After Drunk Driver Killed Owner In Hit And Run


On Saturday afternoon, Donna Chen, 53, was out walking her dog when she was suddenly struck and killed by a drunk driver. Blake C. Talman, 22, was actually fleeing another scene where he was suspected of crashing prior to this incident in which he took a woman’s life.

Talman reportedly lost control of his Nissan Altima on State Road 758 north of Glebe Lane when troopers say he struck Donna L. Chen as she was walking her dog on a sidewalk.

According to authorities, the dog was also hit, and it ran away from the scene.

Talman: the DUI driver who struck and killed Ms. Chen

Talman didn’t stop after hitting the woman and her dog and continued on through some landscaping, a street sign, and several wooden poles at the entrance of St. Michael’s Archangel Catholic Church. Then when you would think the young drunk driver might give up, he strikes another car with an 18-year-old girl who sustains minor injuries as well.

Both Talman and his passenger, a 24-year-old man, sustained serious injuries and were transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Investigators say Talman, of Bradenton, faces charges including DUI manslaughter and DUI property damage and personal injury.

Sunday morning, the hospital reported that Talman and the passenger had been discharged.

Talman is currently booked into the Sarasota County Jail.

What’s worse is that this young idiot that caused so much destruction is an expectant father. He seemed very upset when he heard that his bail would be set at $100,000 because that would pose a problem with him trying to be involved in the  process of having a new child. This man has nothing to be angry about because he killed someone, injured others and caused extreme amounts of damage to various properties. Maybe you shouldn’t be getting so wasted and driving a vehicle when you’re expecting a baby, not to say you should do so otherwise, but setting a good example and being a safe and responsible father might be a good thing to try and carry out. Luckily, you’ll have time to be sober and think about the dumb shit you’ve done to get yourself in this situation.

Ms. Chen with her three children

Meanwhile, the dog that Chen was walking was terrified by the incident and had no idea where to go for help. With his owner now dead and no one tending to her, the dog ran off and jumped into the Gulf of Mexico. After swimming about a half mile with injuries from the accident, a man who was fishing in his kayak and had a camera filming everything, managed to safely rescue the poor shocked dog. Poor thing was lost, confused, and hurt badly. Luckily, he is now okay.

YouTube -

UPDATE: the mystery is solved. However, it’s very sad and unfortunate:


The accident scene was about a mile from where I found Barney swimming. Our guess is that he was so freaked out and traumatized that he just wanted to get as far away from there as possible. And when he ran out of land, he took to the water. I feel lucky that I was there fishing, because there was no place for him to go and I don’t know if he could have made it much farther. He’s banged up, but fine. Our hearts go out to the family who lost their mother.

* Yes, Barney is back with his family. I imagine they need him pretty bad right now.
* I usually keep a camera running when I fish, in case I catch the big one. It does happen, occasionally (see other videos in my profile if you are interested)
* The kayak is a Hobie Adventure. It is a kayak made specifically for fishing. When turned down, the side floats allow me to stand up and fish.
* My brother got my mom some shamwows a couple years back as a gag gift. As corny as they are, they actually are pretty nice for fishing


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