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[VIDEO] Guy Jumps Into 1 on 1 Girl Fight and Knocks Girl Out

This guy is a damn fool. I’m sorry but if you’re a guy who’s going to jump in on a girls’ 1 on 1 fight, it better be to break them apart and not get involved. Knocking out a girl (which is not manly or impressive at all) because she’s beating the girl you obviously support is pathetic. Grow some balls and act like a man.

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[VIDEO] Brazilian Reporter Catches Shooting On Camera While Reporting on Gang Crime

Josenildo Gonçalves, a Brazilian TV reporter, was covering a shooting that had already occurred in João Pessoa (the capital city of the Brazilian state of Paraíba) when a man casually strolls up and shoots a man while the cameras catch everything.

The victim has been identified as 24-year-old Rodrigo Ferreira da Silva and amazingly, is at a hospital and in stable condition.


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Chantix: the stop-smoking drug that can kill you or lead you to kill

I am a smoker and have been for quite some years. Recently, I have begun trying the Blu Cigarette, which is water vapor with nicotine and has helped me (somewhat) to stop smoking AS MUCH. When I explained to people that I was attempting to quit using this method, many people asked why I hadn’t tried the drug Chantix yet? I’m going to be honest here. I like to smoke and if I can at least continue the act without hurting my lungs, that sounds more appealing than having to sit with smokers and engage in nothing. Also, I didn’t want to go to a doctor and be prescribed medicine for a problem that I knew I could willingly quit…at some point.

Now, I’m very happy with my stubborn addictive ways, because the verdict is out on Chantix, and it’s not good. Not only has the drug been linked to intense aggressiveness and violence, but it has also been linked to other issues as well, such as heart problems, suicidal thoughts (as well as actions), and etc. “Chantix has been banned by the Federal Aviation Administration for pilots and air-traffic controllers because it may cause loss of consciousness and blackouts. Truck and bus drivers are also not allowed to take the drug.” (CNN)

A drug with this many problems should not be prescribed to the nearly 7 million people that it has been, in the United States alone. I’ll go ahead and stick to my water vapor cig and lessened chance of heart attack, suicide, murder, irregular heart beat, etc. :)

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The Playboy Twins

The “Shannon Twins” are an issue I have been pondering for quite some time. Kristina and Karissa Shannon are not even 20 years old, yet they are living a pretty interesting and “adult” life. They are Hugh Hefner’s new girlfriends, and as wrong as it may be, I can’t help but wonder what kind of sexual endeavors they may be getting themselves into. I mean, they’re not all that cute and definitely don’t have much intelligence, so the only reason I could think for Hugh to keep them around: sex.

And this is exactly what creeps me out. They’re sisters, TWIN sisters and both are having an intimate relationship with a man over the age of 80. They also take nude photos, together, which gives the whole illusion of them coming as a pair….in the bedroom. Very weird if you ask me.And I mean, this is just one reason I find trouble understanding these YOUNG girls.

There’s also the issue of them being arrested, for battery of all things. It’s reported that Karissa hit a WOMAN over the head with a bottle; Then the two decided to jump this woman. The woman was later reported unconscious. And now they’ve been rewarded for their violence and incest by becoming Hef’s new girlfriends!

Way to go girls, you’ve really graduated from your white trash lifestyle. I can’t wait to see what happens once you both are legally allowed to drink and make messes of yourselves :)

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