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[VIDEO] Harvard Baseball Team Performs “Call Me Maybe” Cover


This video was filmed by one of the baseball team player’s, Conner Hulse, and was obviously orchestrated. These guys aren’t just smart, they’re also extremely unembarrassed by lip-syncing and dancing to Carly Rae Jespen’s “Call Me Maybe”.

The video features Harvard students Jeff Reynolds, Steven Dill, Andrew Ferreira, Marcus Way, Kyle Larrow, Jon Smart and Joey Novak.

Jack Colton can also be seen, but he manages to sleep through the entire video.

The team’s antics were being used to highlight a good cause. The YouTube video, which has been viewed almost a million times, is linked to Friendsofjaclyn.net.

The charity raises money for provide a better quality of life for children who have brain tumours.

I must say, I enjoyed this.


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[VIDEO] Turkish 14-Day-Old Infant Rescued From Being Beneath Rubble For 2 Days After Quake

Raw Video: Baby Girl’s Miraculous Quake Rescue by NewsLook

A newborn was rescued after the Turkish Earthquake that took place just days ago. The bay girl, Azra, also had a mother who was missing, but has been rescued herself. The building collapsed as Azra’s mother was holding her in her arms being seven months premature and very delicate.

The baby was rescued after 46 hours after the earthquake in the Ercis district of Van province in Turkey on Tuesday, October 25.

This is a wonderful story of survival and the hard work of the rescue teams that worked at getting these individuals safe and removed from beneath the rubble. Humanity has hope yet again thanks to a horrific natural disaster.



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VIDEO: Police Find 66 Children Crammed Into 8 Passenger Van in China

When I was first hearing about this, I expected to find out the reason for the children being crammed into the van, but no. There is a video (posted below) which shows the children inside the vehicle, and then the empty and modified van.

Did the cops have no interest as to why the hell this man needed to take 66 children around in a van all at once? Yes, he did receive multiple tickets for the various motor vehicle laws that were broken, but why the hell did he break them?! I think so more investigating needs to take place.


Disabled Man Dies After Being Left in Van During Heat Wave By Social Worker

By: Kelli Knight

Eason Alonzio, 48, was found dead by police “inside a Ford van parked on Lexington Avenue, in Harlem, but are yet to confirm the exact cause of death.”

Apparently the staff had dropped all of the other passengers off but forgot about Alonzio. He was left in a Ford Van that in 90 degree weather, and it assumed that he died from being trapped in severe heat for about 6 hours.

The worker who was driving this vehicle is an absolute idiot. Mothers who leave their children is sometimes a mistake and I can understand that (somewhat), but someone whose job is to drop off people should most certainly be aware of who is still in the vehicle. Granted New York has been having a heat wave that has left several dead.

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