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[VIDEO] What Happens When You’re Old, Bitter, and Yell at Street Musicians?


Apparently, you fall over the side of your balcony and are left dangling by your dress with your panties exposed. In the video below, you can see the 74-year-old woman from Ukraine who had fallen from her balcony on the 8th floor and was lucky enough to have her dress snagged at the 7th floor. The elderly woman, who is a Mariupol resident, had leaned over the balcony too far while trying to yell at street musicians who were being bothersome, according to the woman.

Firefighters were able to help the woman out of this rather embarrassing situation and gave her a sedative before she sent them away. Clearly, this woman was a rather large pain in the ass. In fact, if I were those musicians, I wouldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome.


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[VIDEO] Brawl at 18th Birthday Party in Ukraine


Women hitting women. Women hitting men. Men hitting women and men. Shit got cray!

YouTube: March 3rd, 2012 - Fight in a restaurant involving about two dozen drunken customers. The fight started from an argument between an 18-year-old girl celebrating her birthday with her friends and other guests, but soon turned into a mass brawl.


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[VIDEO] Ukrainian Diver Struck Dead On Vacation By Speed Boat In Egypt

Screen shot 2012-03-07 at 11.02.51 AM

On February 13th, 2012, a Ukrainian tourist died after being struck with a speed boat‘s propeller, while on vacation in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt. The man and his friend (who filmed the incident) were staying at City Sharm Hotel, which has a 4-star rating. As the man started to come up for a breath of air, a speed boat and its propeller crashed through the man and severely cutting him. Although he was still alive after the incident, the hotel wasn’t prepared for such an incident and the Ukrainian tourist bled to death.


If you are not epileptic and feel like seeing the full 13 minutes of the incident, please see below:


Трагедия произошла в Египте 13.02.2012 г. Администрация отеля и компания Пегас никак не отреагировала на трагедию. Россияне, Украинцы да и другие братья славяне не как не защищены от хаоса этой феодальной страны. Всё это произошло практически в акватории пляжа отеля.

In English (rough translation):

The tragedy occurred in Egypt 2/13/2012, the hotel management company, and Pegasus did not react to the tragedy. Russians, Ukrainians and even other brothers Slavs are not as vulnerable to the chaos of feudal country. All this happened almost in the waters of the beach hotel.

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Ukrainian Bears Will No Longer Be Force-Fed Vodka

If you’re like me, this issue is far more important than we realized. Apparently around 80 beers that were previously used in restaurants as entertainment, are now being released back into the wild, after admitting they had a problem. Well, they didn’t admit it per se, but it did become quite obvious to those supplying the bears with booze (and the restaurants accountants I presume).

After reading more into this, I learned that Ukraine and America are much more similar than I had realized. Both have drunken citizens that find it hialrious to get animals intoxicated as well. The only difference is we couldn’t possibly find, tame, and then sit down in a restaurant with drunk bears, that shit’s just crazy! They’re scary enough while sober, I can’t imagine the terror they’d invoke while shitfaced. And, now, neither will Ukraine.

Ukrainians are being deprived of their entertainment because, as Environment Minister Mykola Zlochevsky put it, “How long can we tolerate animal torture in restaurants where drunken guests make bears drink vodka for laughs?”

We see where their devotion lies, the safety of animals and not with entertaining their countrymen. Way to screw that one up, Ukraine!

In case you haven’t been to Ukraine to see a drunk beer, or aren’t planning a trip before this form of entertainment (much like sacrifices) is gone forever, here:

*Note: this bear was from Colorado, not Ukraine and got drunk on fermented


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