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[VIDEO] The Place, NYC: The WORST Restaurant Advertisement Ever Made


While I hate to bash anyone who is trying to promote their business and way of providing income for themselves, I can’t even lie about ┬áthis advertisement being bad. I have no idea whether the food is good, and to be quite honest, I don’t care. This video ad seems like five minutes of a very bad movie that was intended to be “like” a documentary. Not to mention, the lead (or the male customer who comes in with his wife) is CLEARLY gay. Sure, it seems like a great place; But it was too hard to even think about whether I wanted to go here when all I cared about is asking these people what they were thinking when they agreed to┬átake part.


That shit cracks me up, every time. I’m assuming that the intent of this video was to be so awful and funny that it went viral. And if that is the case, this was a genius marketing technique. Either way, great sketch ha.

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