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Thursday 4Play: Text From Dog

textfromdog Tumblr is absolutely hilarious and is beginning to go viral. Here are just four of the best photos that they have:


Hilary Clinton Has a Great Sense of Humor

Hilary Clinton has recently seen the meme‘s of her image on the cell phone that have gone viral on the internet, and decided she wanted to get in on the joke. (To see them, click HERE). The Secretary of State invited the creators of the Texts From Hilary Tumblr, Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe, to her office and wanted to give them a meme that she had created.

Nice to see someone in politics with such a great sense of humor.

The site's creators, Stacy Lambe (left) and Adam Smith (right), met with Mrs Clinton (center) on Tuesday to talk about the Tumblr

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[VIDEO] Crazy: Man Almost Runs Into Bear While Texting and Walking


Texting is dangerous! There are car accidents, people walking into fountains, and now a man coming face to face with a bear?! Holy shit. This is exactly why I will be buying Google’s ‘Project Glass’ glasses and avoid car crashes, falling into fountains and bear interactions.

YouTube: ‘La Crescenta resident Vaz Terdandenyan is texting and walking when he comes face to face with a bear.’


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