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[VIDEO] Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry does The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy”

Screen shot 2012-04-27 at 3.10.26 PM

No joke, this is one of the coolest videos I have ever seen. And Deb, is by far, one of the most rad chicks… ever. Skip to:50 to realize what you’ve missed.

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Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry takes on The Black Keys ‘Lonely Boy’ as part of her Rockin’ spoons numbers series.

For more on Deb head over to www.spoonsperry.com.au

And stay tuned to www.coolaccidents.com

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[VIDEO] Caine’s Arcade: An Inspirational Story About a Boy and His Arcade


Caine Monroy is a 9-year-old boy who wanted an arcade, and instead of waiting for it to come to him, he built it… from cardboard. His dad has a used auto parts store in East LA and has provided the space that Caine needs to run his arcade. For awhile he had few customers, but since Nirvan came into his life, everything has changed. This young man is smart, creative, eager, motivated, and very hard-working. It is so nice to see someone recognize this boy for what he’s accomplished and shared it with the world who can also appreciate all of his effort.

If you want to support Caine and donate to his scholarship fund, please do so HERE. The smart young man has already raised $28,229 and Nirvan is hoping he will reach $100,000.

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[VIDEO] Keyshaun Jordan: 4-Year-Old Music Producer

Screen shot 2012-04-10 at 12.00.54 PM

This is 4-year-old Keyshaun Jordan, and he knows how to make some pretty decent beats. I’m sorry, but anytime someone under the age of 5 can rap and/or produce music, I’m impressed. This little man is adorable!

[VIDEO] One-Year-Old Drummer: Amazing

Screen shot 2012-03-06 at 11.57.48 AM

Video: Toddler Jams On The Drums

[VIDEO] Baby Playing Table Tennis


YouTube -

Baby Shows Off Impressive Table-Tennis Skills in ‘Jamie Playing Multiball



[VIDEO] Alyssa Recites Words Backwards



‘You can say any common word to Alyssa. She will pronounce it backwards the proper way in 3 seconds or less. She’s a freak. Lol’


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