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Alcohol: When Moderation No Longer Exists

I love to drink and I usually have a blast while doing so. Unfortunately, as of late, I’m starting to think that it’s not such a great idea to drink as heavily as I have in the past, mainly because I don’t just stop when I’m simply “buzzed“. I no longer approach alcohol with awareness (whether I’ve eaten enough, how many shots are too many, how much money I’ve spent, etc.), and end up doing things that may be regrettable. I also think that it’s hard to go out in social environments without drinking, because to be honest, I’m much more funny while intoxicated. This is why I am giving myself a personal goal to not drink any alcoholic beverages for at least 30 days. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not an attempt to stop drinking for good because, well,  I love to drink socially; This will just allow me to be sober (as far as alcohol is concerned) for an extended amount of time and hopefully get back to the occasional drinks now and then.

This goal isn’t just to prove to myself that I can go so many days without drinking, but also a challenge to be more outgoing and extroverted without alcohol. As a young kid, I was always the most outgoing and did what I want, when I wanted, regardless of how people perceived my actions; I’d like to get that back. I don’t fully recognize when I lost this ability to not give a shit, but it’s gone and I dislike that. Hopefully this will encourage me to engage in situations without having something in my system that will encourage me to do so.

Also, the only reason I wrote this article is because writing it down means I really have to follow through. I mean, I don’t have to because no one would know, but it only makes me want to actually carry out my goal. Thank god I’ll still be able to smoke pot :)

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Antidote For Cocaine Overdose: Keep Partying and Avoid Consequences


Cocaine is a prominent drug that is used by many people, especially those who like to go out drinking and need something to make sure they’ll be able to hang out long enough for after hours. The only thing stopping people from going overboard? The threat of death. Well, science has now given the entire population a reason to go out and get blown out of their fucking minds: an antidote!

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute have shown that an injectable solution can protect mice from an otherwise lethal overdose of the Class A drug.

As of now, the antidote has only been tested on mice, but they’re hoping to move forward and do some human clinical trials. They are searching for a way to produce the solution cheap enough and in large quantities, before the testing on real beings who would use cocaine to the point of an overdose have the opportunity to see if this truly works.

‘This would be the first specific antidote for cocaine toxicity,’ said study author Dr Kim Janda.

‘It’s a human antibody so it should be relatively safe, it has a superior affinity for cocaine, and we examined it in a cocaine overdose model that mirrors a real-life scenario,’ he said.

In the United States, there are over 400,000 incidences that involve Cocaine in Emergency rooms, every year. Along with that large amount of abusers, there are also 5,000 overdoses that lead to death each year. Scientists are hoping their antidote could help keep the number of deaths and incidences down, but are unaware that the threat of death is what most likely keeps it that low (not that 5,000 is low).

The passive vaccine worked by crossing the blood-brain barrier, which caused the cocaine molecules to diffuse out of the brain tissue. At the same time it reduced the drug’s effects on the heart and nearby organs.

For those who enjoy peer pressuring others, this is awesome. And for those people who were like me and found the death consequences a good reason to say no, you’re fucked. Way to go science!



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Mother Of The Year Injects Daughters With Heroin Before Sending Them To School


A mother is facing harsh criticism (rightfully so), after being accused of injecting her 14-year-old and 16-year-old daughters with heroin and sending them off to school. Shantel Parker is also being accused of selling drugs to the girls’ classmates.

Police became aware of the situation after a witness from the school said that both girls seemed to be under the influences of drugs. Soon after, they got a warrant to search Parker’s home in  Laurelville, Ohio, and discovered evidence of drug use.

Parker, who spent two years studying for a nursing degree but never graduated, was not at home when a search warrant was issued.

The 35 year old mother of two was arrested later at OSU Hospital and taken into custody.

Both of the young girls are now in the custody of Hocking County Children Services, while their mother is being held on child abuse, drug abuse, and distribution. Who knows if the list will continue to grow, but I assume so based on the seriousness of this crime.

According to the arrest warrant, Parker is not only accused of injecting the girls this one time, but this has allegedly happened numerous times. Along with this offense, the warrant states that she gave them other drugs as well as attempted to sell some to their classmates.

Sheriff’s deputies said that the children told them their mother started to give them drugs to treat pain for a toothache.

Heroin for a toothache?! I would have never thought of that! Apparently it worked because they seem to have gotten through that pain just fine. All jokes aside, this dip shit mother was booked into jail and charged with two counts of felonious assault, two counts of corrupting another with drugs and two counts of endangering children.


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Smoking: Quitting Sucks.


So like a shit ton of other people in the world, my girlfriend and I have decided that it’s probably best to quit smoking. We don’t want to quit, but are aware of the problems it ‘might’ be causing as well as the negative effects it may have on our lives: loss of hard-earned money, being out of shape, wrinkles, yellow teeth, the smell, lung and/or mouth cancer, etc.

Sadly, these are all things that I realize, but find hard to give two shits about quite honestly. I’m irritable, bitter, grouchy, bored, anxious and so much more. I find myself eating constantly. And if you take a look above at the negative effects of smoking, many of those were vanity points, which should emphasize that getting fat is not an option for me. Another thing I have found myself doing is shopping. I am a fucking crazy ass shopping lady and without anything to look forward to (a cigarette), I am constantly wanting to fill that void with a new purchase! Cigarettes are cheap compared to what I’ve gone out and purchased.

Personally, I’d rather be a cigarette smoker than an overweight hoarder with no friends, no money, and severe depression that I was never able to fully recover from after the loss of my dear friend: cigarette. And just in case you don’t understand how agonizing this process truly is, I’m going to quote my girlfriend right now, because what she says clearly accentuates the feelings one has while quitting.

“I am on the verge of tears all day, every day. Everything goes good with a cigarette: coffee? good with a cigarette. drive? good with a cigarette. being awake? good with a fucking cigarette.”

All in all, quitting is hard, it sucks, and your brain keeps explaining why it’s no longer worth continuing. Seriously, I have convinced myself that life will be boring and miserable without cigarettes. I hope it’s not true, but according to my nicotine-addicted brain, it most definitely is.


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What do you have for ‘Show and Tell’? This kid brought his mom’s crack pipe and crack rocks….

Where you're allowed to bring meth to class...

A young boy in kindergarten is the youngster who unknowingly got his mother, Michelle Marie Cheatham, 32, arrested for drug use. Cheatham was charged with possession of a controlled substance and one count of first-degree child endangerment after her young son decided it would be a great idea to show his class his mother’s drug paraphernalia.

Sweet Springs Elementary School in Missouri probably never expected to have to deal with something like this. In fact, he didn’t just bring in his mother’s personal supply of methamphetamine, he brought in baggies totaling a value of $3,700. This bitch was selling drugs and got ratted on by her own son who probably can’t even read yet.

When I called the prosecutor about it, they said, “You’re kidding me, aren’t you?”‘ said Police Chief Richard Downing.

According to reports, Cheatham’s life went off the rails after her husband died earlier this year in a car crash.

This kid probably just wanted a way out and knew what he was doing. He took his mother’s drugs, gained sympathy from his school, and now doesn’t have to deal with his mother who obviously had some issues. Yes, her husband had died and that must have been awful. Sadly, that’s no excuse because plenty of people have deceased relatives and don’t leave $3,700 worth of crack easily accessible by their elementary school children.

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