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Five-Year-Old Left In Rain While Mom Pounded Beers In Bar

Sarah Cheek, 34, has been arrested for leaving her five-year-old daughter outside in the rain, while she attempted to get a job. Unfortunately for her, witness’ claim they saw her drink at least two beers while the kid sat outside in a stroller. Why the child needed to be in a stroller at that age is another question no one has been able to get answered.

Cheek had also done the responsible thing and attempted to get a babysitter to watch her little girl, but the timing was a bit our of the ordinary. In fact, she waited until she was already at the bar, and asked other patrons. Luckily, they found this scenario as bizarre as I did and decided to call the police. Seeing as it was around 10pm, her story of looking for a job and leaving the child outside of the bar while doing so, seemed rather peculiar.

My most favorite part of this story (not that I love children being neglected) has to do with the state that this mother happens to reside in: Florida. There truly must be something going on in that state that makes mothers completely irresponsible, self-centered, and unaware that everyone can see through their ridiculous excuses. Cheek was heard telling her daughter she was going inside to get her a candy bar. The little girl is five, not stupid. And if candy is code for alcohol, you should have at least been honest and said you were treating yourself, you selfish bitch.

Good luck to any children living in Florida; You will definitely be needing it.


Babysitter Drove With Infant In Truck Bed

A babysitter in Florida has been arrested after police pulled her over for being in the back of a pickup truck with an eight-month-old baby strapped into a stroller. The Dodge Ram pick up was driven around on two very busy streets after being loaded with the stroller, baby, and babysitter.

Numerous 911 calls were placed, obviously, and Daytona Beach police quickly approached the odd vehicle and attempted to figure out why there was a baby in the bed of the truck as opposed to inside the vehicle. Keyona Davis, 23, was also in the back of the truck, next to the stroller that was carrying the infant.

The driver of the 1994 truck was identified in an arrest affidavit as “Mr. B. White,” who was cited for reckless driving.

Based on this woman’s photo, I’m shocked that any mother who ask her to babysit their child. Along with that, she has a pretty extensive rap sheet, which includes:

…busts for car theft, cocaine possession, shoplifting, resisting arrest, criminal mischief/property damage, and fleeing law enforcement. While sentenced to 1-1/2 years on the latter two counts, she only spent spent six months in state prison before being released last January. Davis was also arrested last week for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Florida is proving to have some pretty careless mothers this year, if you ask me. Sure, none of them have been proven to kill their children, but they sure as hell are good at neglecting them and putting them in dangerous as situations.


Woman Arrested After Snagging Baby And Trying To Break Its Arm…So She Could Eat It

Laist- Has this lady ever tried to grab and gobble your baby? The Los Angeles Police Department are releasing the photograph of and information about Natasha Hubbard, a 36-year-old woman charged with aggravated assault after a July 21 incident in which she yanked a 4-month-old baby from a stroller, slammed him into a pole, and tried to break off his arm so she could eat it.

The LAPD break down the scary confrontation:

Around 1 PM, Adriana Miranda, 29, was pushing her infant son, Alexander, in a stroller on Boyd Street, near San Julian Street in the Toy District. The baby was belted in his infant carrier, with Adriana’s sister walking nearby. Without warning, Hubbard unbelted the child and grabbed him by the leg. Witnesses described her as swinging the child over her head, and slamming him into a metal rail of a nearby truck.

Once Miranda got her son back, Hubbard went at Miranda and clawed at her as she held the baby in her arms.

Miranda and her sister fled into a store, though they were pushed back into the street by the store owner. Hubbard fled, but authorities were able to locate her with the help of witnesses.

The incident took place in a shopping area on Skid Row; the LAPD say because it is such a crowded area, Hubbard may have other victims. Hubbard told detectives interviewing her after her arrest “she tried to break off the baby’s arm so she could eat it.”

This is why I always contemplate having children in Los Angeles. I mean, it’s not like I sat around wondering if some stranger was going to come and try to eat my child’s limb after breaking it off, but I do worry about nut jobs, in general. You can never really predict the things that they may do, because they will honestly surprise you every time. Rather than dig in a trash can, she decided to try and steal a perfectly healthy baby and devour some raw meat. This is the reason that medical institutions should be more prominent here in the US. Cannibalistic hobos should not be feeding on our children, even if we do live in the jungle known as LA.


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