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Same Sex Couples To Marry On Broadway?!

Being on Broadway is sometimes just a dream for people, especially those who have no natural talent. Well now, none of that matters. These couples will be able to be on stage at the St. James to wed and make history. It’s exciting that New York’s Broadway community is not only embracing, but celebrating this momentous occasion. Congratulations to all the lucky couples that will be a part of this!



Instinct Magazine: Broadway is prepped to welcome New York’s marriage equality law with plans to celebrate some of the state’s first same-sex marriages the best way the Great White Way can: on stage! So what is the Broadway community planning to commemorate this historic occasion?

After Hair wraps up its nightly performance on July 25th, a few lucky couples from the Broadway community will become some of the first same-sex pairs to legally tie the knot in the Empire State right there on the stage of the St. James Theater! (Just think of all the young gay boys who dream of Broadway weddings!)

Book of Mormon star Rory O’Malley made the announcement in front of the theater, currently playing host to Hair, late Wednesday. ”It’s not just a summer of love,” he said at the press conference, “it’s a summer of equality.”

Jordan Roth, president of the company that owns the St. James, said, ”The theater is the place where we come together to celebrate and affirm who we are as a people. It is the place where we stand in front of our community on a stage and we speak our truths. That’s what theater is and that’s what a wedding is.”

Source: http://instinctmagazine.com/blog/broadway-to-celebrate-first-ny-same-sex-marriages-with-on-stage-weddings?directory=100011

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