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Mother ‘forced her 12-year-old adopted daughter into abortion because her 18-year-old biological son was the father’

Charged: Cynthia Greenwood (left) is in court over allegations she took her 12-year-old daughter to have an abortion after her 18-year-old son Isaac (right) raped the girl, getting her pregnant

A mother has been charged after forcing her 12-year-old adopted daughter to get an abortion due to the fact that her 18-year-old biological son had raped the young girl and gotten her pregnant.

Cynthia Greenwood, 50, of Houston, Texas had taken her special needs daughter, only 12 -years-old, to Ohio where she would receive an abortion. Unfortunately for Greenwood, the child was ‘too hysterical,’ the Houston Chronicle reported. The sad part is that the young girl wasn’t even aware she was there to get the baby removed, she was under the impression that her mother brought her there to ‘receive an operation so it wouldn’t hurt when the baby came out.’ She was already 17 weeks pregnant and well into her second trimester.

Greenwood was arrested on Friday on one count of tampering with physical evidence.

Her son Isaac Greenwood, now 19, was charged in April and indicted in July on three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14. Both are free on bail. He is due in court on September 7.

Isaac Greenwood allegedly assaulted his sister twice in March 2010 and once in May 2010 at a relative’s home.

After the incident in Ohio where the procedure could not be done, an anonymous tip was called in:

On October 15, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services received an anonymous call about a 12-year-old who was taken to an Ohio clinic for an abortion, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The caller also reported the ‘hysterical demeanour’ of the girl and that the mother refused to provide any details about how the child became pregnant.

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