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[VIDEO] Bad Daddy, Good Aim

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At least the kid did his job and didn’t let the ball go in the net…

At least the kid did his job and didn’t let the ball go in the net…

Mistie Atkinson Had Sex With 16-Year-Old Biological Son


Mistie Atkinson, from Napa, CA, is currently facing incest charges after ‘allegedly’ having sex with her 16-year-old biological son. Police apparently found Ms. Atkinson in a hotel room with her son when they were serving a warrant.

On March 9th, Mistie Atkinson pleaded not guilty to incest and oral copulation of a minor and various other charges. Unfortunately for her, there are videos on the boy’s cell phone that show Atkinson performing oral sex, as well as having full on intercourse with the young teen from February. She has also been accused of sending her son sexually explicit photos of herself.

“Atkinson and the victim are aware they are biological mother and son,” cops said in a release.

The boy’s father, who has sole custody (for obvious reasons), has obtained a restraining order against Atkinson. He had sole custody, and yet this woman still managed to coerce her young, biological son, into being sexually active with his own mother. I’m curious as to whether the boy is the one who turned in the evidence to the police and how he feels about the situation.

Until then, Mistie Atkinson will be held on $200,000 bail until May 10th, 2012, when she’s expected to have her hearing.


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[VIDEO] Father Your Son: Clinical Psychologist’s Son Twerkin to Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’

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In case you don’t know who Father Your Son is, don’t worry, neither did I. Recently though I did some investigative work (typed Father Your Son into Google) and realized that Father Your Son is Dr. Stephan B. Poulter, clinical psychologist. His work is based on being a better parent and focusing on teaching your children all the important life lessons that you’d prefer they not learn from bad influences.

Many people are being more critical of this video because they’re arguing that this shows that Dr. Poulter’s methods aren’t working. The boy, Anthony, is cursing, dancing sexually and in my opinion, gay (not outing him or being cruel). I obviously think there’s nothing wrong with any of these things, although cursing so much at his age seems rather inappropriate… as well as the dancing (although I’m guilty of dancing like that since birth, soooo). I also don’t know if he should be posting videos like this at his age, but then again, we live in this world, how it is now, and this is how things are done.

Way to be brave though, Anthony…do your thing!

Father Your Son Website



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13-Year-Old Ginger Boy Shoots Mother, 37, To Death After Attempting To Sexually Assault The Woman


Before anyone says anything about me prejudging gingers, I’d like to remind you that I, myself, am a ginger. Sadly, its little shits like this who choose to go out and be disgusting and particularly evil, that give all of us a bad name. I mean, it is true, we are a little more hard-headed, stubborn, cruel, mischievous and unrelenting, but trying to sexually assault your mother?! What the f*ck is that shit?! With no further a due, the story:

There are numerous things wrong with this story, starting with the fact that Noah Crooks was only 13-years-old. What kind of eighth grader has that gall to not only attempt to molest his OWN mother, but then murder her as well? Gretchen Crooks was killed in the town of Osage, Iowa and could have never predicted this would be how her life came to an end.

The hunting rifle was used to take out something other than game in this household, despite the facts that there were no criminal records of the Crooks family. And who would have seen this coming? I kid at Osage Middle School attempting sexual abuse and following through with murder… against his mother. It’s unfathomable to me, and I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of people who have been crushed by this.

Shelia Aukes, a licensed social worker in Des Moines who works with young people on a variety of mental health issues told the DesMoines Register: ‘The victims in most sex offenses committed by juveniles are siblings, other juveniles or, more rare, other adults.

‘A child or adolescent sexually abusing a parent is completely out of the norm, totally unheard of.’

The incident happened on Saturday and Noah called 911 shortly afterwards. Oddly enough, he seemed emotionless and extremely calm for what had happened.

‘The emotions of the young man, from what I’ve been told, is his demeanour was very calm and kind of stoic. Almost like he was in shock also,’ Deputy Greg Beaver told KTTC

In Iowa, you must be 14-years-old to be charged as an adult, so this sick kid is being held at North Iowa Juvenile Detention Center in Waterloo and is expected to be tried as a juvenile. They are expecting for the charges to be filed today.

‘We have lost our daughter. We have lost our grandson,’ Mrs Crooks’ mother Beverly Brahm of Mason City told the Albert Lea Tribune.

Mrs. Crooks was a nurse at Mercy Medical Center-North Iowa and had aspirations of getting her masters degree. She was a hard-working mother-of-two and always bragged about her children.

On her Facebook page back in 2010, she praised her son, one of two,  for his musical talents on the saxophone as well as his accomplishment in being accepted into a University of Iowa camp to learn Chinese.

‘So proud of him!’ she wrote.

She had also recently published an application on her page reading: ‘Click “like” if you love your son!’

This is the first murder in Osage since 1898! This is definitely one way to bring back murder in a murder-less city.


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Father Bites Son’s Penis Off


On March 6th, 2012 in Shenzhen, China, a 6-year-old boy was attacked by his father who bit his penis off and tossed it aside into the shrubs. The 32-year-old man, with the surnamed Yu, had apparently asked the boy to either lick or bite his own penis, and when the boy refused is when he committed this traumatic act.

The man took his naked self, along with his two naked children (daughter and son), on a walk over a bridge near the Shangxing Building, Shajing Sub-district, Shenzhen City. Sadly, even though the man was acting oddly with his child, passerby’s did nothing to stop this from happening to an innocent child. C’mon China! this is the second incident in which a child is brutally hurt and no one steps in to do anything! What the f***?!

Luckily, they had enough sense to get involved AFTER the boy’s penis had been bitten off by his own father. The people who had watched, now jumped in to subdue the man and make him spit out the penis, which landed in the shrubs. Many people in the crowd then called police and an ambulance who rushed the boy to Shajing People’s Hospital.

The little girl was covered with a blanket before being picked up by her Uncle. The police took away the father who is suspected of having mental issues. Previously, many that knew Yu, had said that he was a responsible and good father. Unfortunately, this was all prior to his company going bankrupt and his ex-wife divorcing him and leaving the children behind in April 2010.

In July, 2011, Yu brought his two children to live in a rented room of a private house, in a village of Shajing, but it was known that how they made living with. It was said, currently Yu owed credit cards over 20 thousands yuan in total, and he was often seen going gambling and leaving his children alone at home. Yu did not act abnormal until the recent days.

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Father Accidentally Kills Son, 3, After Dying And Collapsing On Top Of Him

Police were called to the New Jersey home of Allen McNeil Jr, 53, after he had smothered his three-year-old son, after collapsing on him during the fatal heart attack. The attention was brought to officers after the mother of the child, apparently also know as Allen McNeil, couldn’t reach the father.

When arriving at the home, Deputy Chief Lawrence Suffern of the Englewood police said that the father seemed to have died from natural causes and no foul play was involved. Of course, an autopsy for both individuals will be performed to confirm his suspicions.

Clara McNeil choked back tears as she described her son as a loving father.

‘Everybody in the world loved him, he was a very good son. That little boy was his life, and my life too,’ she told North Jersey.com

It is believed that the Mr. McNeil was dressing the boy on the bed when he suddenly suffered from a heart attack and collapsed on the child. Neighbors and family members express how great of a parent he was and are shocked by the outcome of this case. Sad to see such a young boy lose his life in such a freak accident while in the care of a loving and careful parent.
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Woman Uses Five-Year-Old Son As Shield From Being Tasered By Police

Glendale Now - A 36-year-old Milwaukee woman was arrested for disorderly conduct/domestic violence at the service area at Andrew Toyota, 1620 W. Silver Spring Drive, at 12:15 p.m. March 24.

When police arrived, the woman was holding the hand of her 5-year-old son while shaking her finger in the face of her boyfriend, an employee of Andrew, while yelling, “Give me my weed back!” She also wanted her keys back.

The boyfriend, a 28-year-old Milwaukee man, gave her the keys but denied to her and police that he had her $5 bag of marijuana. She struggled with police, refused to give her name and held her son in front of her to avoid being Tasered.

The boyfriend, who is not the 5-year-old’s father, said the two had been living together for three months, but when asked what the woman’s last name was said he wasn’t sure.

He also said he didn’t want her arrested but police told him they had no choice because she hit him with an open hand and pushed him several times.

While this does sound like she’s being a bad parent, I’d have to disagree. I actually think it’s rather ingenious. No cop in their right mind is going to taser or want to scare a child, therefore, she’s safe from being tasered and knows that no harm will come to the kid. Sadly though, she knew she was going to have to give up at some point, losing the child as a shield and STILL not getting her weed back.

And seriously, this story would be that much more interesting if police officers did happen to taser a child. Not that I condone child abuse, just pointing out the obvious. The cops would be out of jobs, the department would be sued, and even though the crazy mother was trying to get her weed back, they would win the suit. Then the kid would be on talk shows and make a ton of money, which would help with supplying the mother with weed. All in all, everyone would have come out on top (other than the police and city) if the cops would have just tasered the little boy.

Mother Attempts To Sell Five-Year-Old Son For $2000 To Pay For Presecription Drug Habit

Florida, I think you need to take some time and reevaluate what motherhood means to your citizens. This is not the first, second or even third mother that I have written about from Florida, who has either neglected, murdered, or abused their child. Now, Jessica Marie Beers, 29, has tried to SELL her son to pay for a prescription pill drug habit that she had developed.

Beers (very fitting last night) had met a couple at church and had told them that she would be willing to sell them her five-year-old son’s parental rights in exchange for $2,000. The couple, who were most likely not desperate for a child, called the authorities after being concerned for the safety of the child. Anyone willing to sell their own flesh and blood for as little as $2,000 isn’t deemed to trust-worthy in just about anyone’s mind.

When Beers met with Detectives at a location in Seminole, she was under the impression that she would be exchanging the boy for money. Instead, she was being taken and would have to give THEM money to get out of the jail that this predicament had gotten her into.

Fortunately, her son has been taken out of her care and will no longer be offered u for sale by his pathetic excuse for a mother. He’s also very lucky that she had the sense enough to try to get money out of the kid as opposed to kill him and save money that she would normally be spending on caring for the child. I guess mother’s in Florida have the same idea as far as getting read of children, but when it comes to executing these ideas, each mother is unique and pathetic in their own way.


dismembered cerebral palsy son, 7, with a meat cleaver and left his head at side of road’

Dailymail - A father has admitted to chopping his son’s head off with a meat cleaver and leaving it in the roadside outside his home so that the child’s mother would see it.

A passing motorist saw the decapitated head of seven-year-old Jori Lirette, from Louisiana, and alerted police.

Detectives later found the boy’s body in a rubbish sack that had been dumped nearby.

The boy’s father, 30-year-old Jeremiah Lee Wright, is alleged to have confessed to decapitating his son.

Jori was wheelchair bound and needed a feeding tube having been born with cerebral palsy.

Wright is said to have told police that he did it because ‘he’d gotten to the point where he was tired of taking care’ of the boy’,

Police Chief Scott Silverii said: ‘He told us when he put his head out by the side of the road it was so the mother would see it when she came by.’

He said Wright’s only explanation for doing so was ‘just that he wanted her to feel stupid when she saw the head’.

The crime scene was so gruesome that some of the police who responded to the emergency call have had to have counselling.

Investigators said the grisly killing was carried out over a kitchen sink at the Louisiana home the boy shared with his father and his mother Jesslyn.

His hand and feet were also cut off and discovered nearby in plastic garbage bags.

A forensic team removed the sink from the house in Thibodaux ,Louisiana, as part of their murder investigation.

Wright is understood to have confessed to the killing and is co-operating with police.

He is being held on $5 million bond and could face the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder.

Police said the boy’s mother was away from the house taking her car to a repair garage when the killing took place.

She returned home to find police swarming over her home after the remains and head of her son were found.

Jesslyn said the ‘devil’ had visited her home and had taken away her ‘angel’.

The 27-year-old said her son loved his father ‘more than anything … and he still killed him. He killed my baby’.

Police have yet to find a motive for the brutal killing, but family members have said Wright had complained about hearing voices in his head.

They said they had urged Jesslyn to leave her boyfriend of the last ten years.

They said there had been tension between the couple for years.

Officers were called to the house last month, when Wright and the boy’s mother were arguing over money, police said.


Texas Woman, 79, Dies Days After Air Conditioner Is Stolen

Dolores Grissom, 79, has died in her home nearly two days after she reported that her air conditioning unit had been stolen. She succumbed to heat exhaustion in Oak Cliff, Texas, due to the current weather conditions that are plaguing the state.

Apparently Mrs. Grissom is far too aware of the theft because this is the 3rd time that her, and her son’s unit was stolen. It was behind the house and had a cage over it, that was locked.

A neighbor of hers, Caroline Ware, said that she had offered her home to the mother and son, but that they were comfortable in their own home and refused the offer. This is one of the many thefts that occur in this neighborhood. It is assumed that these units are taken to pawn shops, which is truly sad. This poor woman dies, while her air conditioning unit was most likely sitting in a pawn shop, unused.


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