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Pictured: The horror basement where sisters were raped for 41 years by their father and slowly went mad

This is by far one of the most heart breaking stories I have ever read. How could a father take two healthy daughters, molest them into madness, and not once, in 41 years, realize that this was so terribly wrong. Even though these women are just now being able to deal with freedom that they’ve never experienced, at ages 53 and 45, it’s good to see that they were still fighting until the very end.

For me this a compelling story about being treated as less than human, a toy, that no one cared for other than to receive selfish pleasure, and coming out on top and still finding self-worth in there, somewhere. I can’t even begin to imagine being driven crazy, but the circumstances make it a lot less confusing. Even at the age of 80, this pathetic shit bag felt the need to take advantage of his now, elderly, daughters. He truly is scum and should have been killed years earlier.

Here’s the story from Dailymail -

This is the disgusting dungeon where an Austrian man violated his own daughters in a nightmare spanning 15,000 days and nights.

‘If you fight back, then I will kill you,’ Gottfried W. told his children Christine, 53, and Erika, 45, who were forced to sleep at night on a wooden shelf while their father, now 80, snoozed in a feather bed.

Amid farming implements, old oil drums, wood, cement sacks and filth he violated his own flesh and blood with a depravity on a par with Josef Fritzl.

His wife Berta, 85, passed away in 2008.  She too was a victim of the former council labourer’s sadism, beaten like them with a stick and poked with a pitchfork.

Living hell: Room containing a commode, oil drums, cement sacks and fllth which the women abused for 41 years by their father had to endure Living hell: Room containing a commode, oil drums, cement sacks and fllth which the women abused for 41 years by their father had to endure

The girls became mentally ill over the years – not a condition they were born with, but a result of the torments they suffered at his hands.

Police say their mother, also beaten into submission, made them promise on her deathbed not to tell anyone about what their father did to them.

Other rooms in the sprawling house near Braunau-am-Inn – the birthplace of Adolf Hitler – were kept spic and span.

But the girls were forced to live in squalor, sleep in the kitchen and use a commode instead of the lavatory in the house.

Horror scene: The house in St. Peter am Hart, Brannau, Austria, where two sisters were subjected to a 41-year sex ordeal by their father Horror scene: The house in St. Peter am Hart, Brannau, Austria, where the two women were raped repeatedly by their father, who is now 80


Map of Austria locating the village of St Peter am Hart where a newly revealed case long-term incest and imprisonment case has shocked the nation

Forty years of abuse ended in May this year when Gottfried tried to have his way with Christine one more time and she finally snapped.

She hit him with a milk jug on the head. He fell to the floor and cracked his head again.

For two days he was unable to move and police say they hoped he would die.

Finally the women, who were seen from time to time by a social worker – but who were so conditioned by his threats never to expose his vile treatment of them – called her in.

She telephoned for an ambulance for him and the women were taken into care.  But still they said nothing.

It was only in June when they opened up to a Red Cross worker about what had happened to them.

It was this volunteer who called in the police.

Austria – still coming to terms with the kidnapping of schoolgirl Natascha Kampusch in the 90s and the Fritzl incest saga – is stunned at another terrible family crime being exposed within its borders.

Gottfried, known as Friedl to neighbours, was an archetypal Austrian father of the old school. He was stern, rigid, master of his house and keeper of the secrets that went inside it.

He controlled all social contact of his daughters with the outside world.

The only time they were seen out together was with him visiting the grave of their mother.

Gottfried has been moved to a prison in nearby Ried while the investigation against him continues; his daughters are undergoing psychiatric therapy in a clinic.

He faces charges of rape, unlawful imprisonment, cruelty, assault and making threats to kill.  He was moved from an OAP home where he had been treated since his injuries in May to the jail on Thursday.

Disabled Man Dies After Being Left in Van During Heat Wave By Social Worker

By: Kelli Knight

Eason Alonzio, 48, was found dead by police “inside a Ford van parked on Lexington Avenue, in Harlem, but are yet to confirm the exact cause of death.”

Apparently the staff had dropped all of the other passengers off but forgot about Alonzio. He was left in a Ford Van that in 90 degree weather, and it assumed that he died from being trapped in severe heat for about 6 hours.

The worker who was driving this vehicle is an absolute idiot. Mothers who leave their children is sometimes a mistake and I can understand that (somewhat), but someone whose job is to drop off people should most certainly be aware of who is still in the vehicle. Granted New York has been having a heat wave that has left several dead.

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