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Whipped, forced to drink bleach and attacked with sex toy: Gang of seven tortured man for four days over rent payment

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A married couple who were part of a gang which tortured a man for four days and forced him to drink bleach are facing jail.

The 21-year-old victim became so desperate to end his ordeal that he begged his seven captors to kill him following a row over rent payments.

Lured: Sarah Wright lured the victim to the house prior to the attack

He was also handcuffed, whipped with a wet cane and had salt rubbed in the wounds, ordered to strip to his underwear, and told to roll over with his legs in the air like a dog.

He finally resorted to stabbing himself five times, puncturing a lung, leading his captors to eventually call for an ambulance to the house in Crawley, West Sussex.

The fact that seven people participated in this disturbing incident is rather pathetic. The fact that many of them were in their late 30′s and early 40′s, just goes to show that they were worthless pieces of shit that shouldn’t have been allowed to live that long. Another thing that was mentioned was the fact that a 20-year-old guy, Scott Smith, not only filmed and humiliated the victim, but he also invited a 13-year-old to join in on the brutal attack.

Even more so, I highly doubt this had anything to do with rent, but was a rather great excuse in their minds to torture and humiliate someone other than themselves since they’re all probably use to being humiliated. I wish there was a way to torment the shit out of these people while in prison because the normal abuse will most likely be tame for these sick fucks. I mean, their victim had to stab himself, almost to death, just to stay alive. And honestly, I’m sure his plan was to kill himself so that the torture would end. Thankfully, he’s okay and the abusers are all either, in prison, or will be on their way shortly.

Memory Stick That Doubles As A Sex Toy

The idea of being at work and needing to put some files onto a USB, only to whip out my vibrator, seemed a bit peculiar to me. Would anyone notice that I used this device, sitting right in front of your face, to get off that very morning? And the idea of passing it to co-workers is just a bit uncomfortable to me. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t touch it if I knew what had been done.

Then, I learned more about the USB sex toy and think it is a rather great piece of machinery.

Designers Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac, from San Francisco, developed the sleek non-frilly device after hearing the most common complaint from vibrator-using women was the hassle caused by bulky charging devices.

The device is made from ‘body-safe silicon and metal’ with dual motors that are ‘virtually silent’ but provide five power levels.

‘You look at it plugged into a laptop, charging, and it doesn’t look anything like a vibrator,’ Ms Chang told New York Daily News.

Another great thing is that the new companion is waterproof for up to 3 meters. That way after a day at the office being passed from hand to hand, you can give it a nice bath and ensure cleanliness. It also lasts for four hours after fully charged and holds up to 16gb.
Althpugh there is no set price yet, the device is said to retail between $139 and $349. That’s a great deal for two products in one. I must admit though, if I see one of these devices in someone I knows computer, I will most definitely not be touching.


Lesbian Domestic Abuse With Sex Toy

Jantavia Taylor

First of all, this is one of the reasons people are wary of gay people. How are we suppose to make people feel like they want to give us equal rights when we’re hurling strap on dicks at our partners, and they’re ending up in our neighbors’ yards?!

Tamara Cadet, 23, had stated that she got into an argument with girlfriend, Jantavia Taylor, 21. According to Cadet she came at her with a knife and continued to chase her down the street with the knife, until she could no longer keep up.

After police arrived, Taylor had a different side of the story, noting that “the only thing that she threw at Ms. Cadet trying to strike her was a female sex toy (Strap on Penis).”

Officer Joshua Small was able to find the “weapon” in the neighbor’s yard and classified that the weapon used in the alleged domestic abuse case as “other.” Although, much less terrifying than a knife, Taylor was still brought to jail on charges. Hopefully she’ll be able to get out of jail soon and return to her place of employment, Popeyes.


“Kid Faces Prison Term for Leaving Sex Doll in High School Locker Room”

—18-year-old Tyell Morton was arrested for leaving a blow-up sex doll in the bathroom at Rush Consolidated High School in Indiana. Now he could go to prison for eight years. Sure, it was a stupid joke, but that seems a mite harsh.

Apparently Morton was caught on camera taking a package (which contained the doll) into the building and leaving without it and school officials freaked out and thought it was a bomb and locked down the building and called in the cops and bomb-sniffing dogs. Somehow this translates into Morton going to prison for close to a decade. If we all had to go to prison for the stupid unfunny stuff we did in high school, most of us would still be serving our sentences.


- I have brought much more harmful and/or dangerous products to my high school than a blow up doll and was never threatened with jail time. This seems absolutely absurd. Lots of kids are getting high and drinking at school. I could see if he was performing acts with the blow up doll on school property (which he wasn’t), but simply leaving it in his locker?! Come on, there are much bigger things to be worried about these days. In fact, if anything, I think this promotes abstinence, which is what most school officials are wanting taught in health classes. School officials should be thanking the young man for thinking outside of the box.

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