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[VIDEO] This Old Man Can Still Do It.

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I really never thought I would see a music video, starring an 83-year-old man who is rapping about still being able to “do it”. Our generation is fortunate enough to be blessed with these random gems thanks to the wonderful internet. And to think, I use to just chat with strangers in chat rooms, which was far less entertaining.


The one and only Kwayzar, is at it again, with his first hit single “I Can Still Do It” Coming out of Southern California, Kwayzar is 83 and still driving the girls crazy. He’s got the internet going wild. Holla at a playa. Follow @KwayzarTheSeer
Like! www.facebook.com/KwayzarTheSeer
iTunes: Kwayzar
Blog: kwayzar.blogspot.com
Beat produced by Scotty Chevelle
@YeeItsScotty scottychevelle@gmail.com facebook.com/ScottyChevelle
Filmed and edited by @CodyKlintworth
Starring Kwayzar, the world’s only and oldest cyber rapper
Film model : Crystal Moxy

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