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Five-Year-Old Left In Rain While Mom Pounded Beers In Bar

Sarah Cheek, 34, has been arrested for leaving her five-year-old daughter outside in the rain, while she attempted to get a job. Unfortunately for her, witness’ claim they saw her drink at least two beers while the kid sat outside in a stroller. Why the child needed to be in a stroller at that age is another question no one has been able to get answered.

Cheek had also done the responsible thing and attempted to get a babysitter to watch her little girl, but the timing was a bit our of the ordinary. In fact, she waited until she was already at the bar, and asked other patrons. Luckily, they found this scenario as bizarre as I did and decided to call the police. Seeing as it was around 10pm, her story of looking for a job and leaving the child outside of the bar while doing so, seemed rather peculiar.

My most favorite part of this story (not that I love children being neglected) has to do with the state that this mother happens to reside in: Florida. There truly must be something going on in that state that makes mothers completely irresponsible, self-centered, and unaware that everyone can see through their ridiculous excuses. Cheek was heard telling her daughter she was going inside to get her a candy bar. The little girl is five, not stupid. And if candy is code for alcohol, you should have at least been honest and said you were treating yourself, you selfish bitch.

Good luck to any children living in Florida; You will definitely be needing it.


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