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Thursday 4Play: Republicans


Seeing as we’ve been seeing a lot of the Republican nominees lately, I figured it’s as good a time as ever to poke fun at the Republican Party. I’ve gathered some pretty funny photos, that just so happen to reflect my opinion on the matter quite truthfully. And for those of you who are Republican and find this insulting, I promise to poke fun at myself and other Democrats on one of the upcoming Thursday 4Play’s.


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Lazy Ass Marathoner Gets On Bus At Mile 20, Gets Off Bus, And Finishes The Race 3rd

Rob Sloan, 31, admitted that he did in fact cheat by hopping on the bus to get ahead and take a break, before getting off and finishing the race in 3rd place. What a lazy ass. Granted, I would never in my life even run 20 miles, he is a marathoner and should know what the hell he’s getting himself into. And what about morality? Shouldn’t that not be satisfying considering you cheated? What an idiot.

This all took place at the Kielder Marathon and was brought to the attention of organizers after multiple witnesses came forward. He tried to deny that he was a lazy ass cheater, but finally admitted that he was now a lying,lazy ass cheater.

This is why I just don’t bite more than I can chew. I’m content just sitting in my living room, watching some boob tube, eating some fatty ass food and drinking some wine. To me, this sounds enjoyable, and I’ll be proud that I didn’t have to cheat to get where I was. Success.


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Marriage: One Man, One Woman – Two Words: Fuck You

Here is a video from the Republicans debate last night. Their answers and beliefs about gay marriage are answered honestly. Bachmann and Perry royally irritated me through this:

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