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[VIDEO] Marijuana Drug Deal And Robbery, Gone Bad


Although there’s not much known about this video, it is fairly obvious that these guys in the car attempt to steal this drug dealers money and ends up crashing his car instead. What an idiot. First of all, the amount of pot that you were trying to gank from this guy was so small that it doesn’t even amount to the damage that was done to your car. Also, I’d be willing to bet that this kid got his ass beat which is why there is no conclusion to the video. Hoping to find out more soon, stay tuned.

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[VIDEO] Most Polite Robbery Ever…With A BB Gun

I expected to laugh when watching this video, but unfortunately, it made me rather sad. The owner of this store was polite and respectful of the man who came in and demanded with a gun that he gave him money. The irony? The gun-wielding man was actually about the same age as the owner and just as polite. Sadly this is either a reflection on our economy or our moralistic values. Either way, it’s not good.

What’s the real story behind this video?

Gregory Paul Hess, 65, whose identity was confirmed to AOL News by Police Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s office, allegedly decided that robbing a store at gunpoint was no reason to forget his manners. Security cameras show the man walking into a Shell convenience store in Seattle on Saturday before sheepishly explaining to John Henry, the store’s owner, that he would be robbing him.

Hess actually has an extensive criminal record that includes armed robbery (shocking) as well as forgery. Sadly, this still doesn’t convince me that he’s a hardened criminal, but it does confirm that he obviously has a lack of available funds. Poor John Henry may soon be in the same position though due to the fact that this was the 4th time he had been robbed and the reason he was trying to negotiate with Mr. Hess.

Since this video was released, King County has arrested Hess and is charging him with First Degree robbery. It has since been proven that the gun he was using during this robbery was a BB Gun that had been painted to look like a pistol.

Hess has made the papers before, earning the FBI nickname “Transaction Bandit” for a string of bank robberies in Seattle in 2003

What did he do with all the money ($200-$300) that he had gained from this situation? The man put fuel in his gas tank, bought some food, paid a cell phone bill and put the remaining $90 in his bank account. Maybe he really did just need a loan since this seems to be the first incident since he was paroled for his 2003 conviction. Either way, this is a very sad story.

YouTube -

Caught on Security Camera. The owner of a south Seattle convenience store says a man pulled a gun and asked him for a favor — to empty the till.



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[VIDEO] 2 MMA Fighters Take Down Robber In Los Angeles Hotel

Youtube -

Los Angeles: On November 2, 2011, at around 11:40 p.m., Rampart Division officers responded to a radio call of an “Assault suspect armed with a gun” at a hotel located in the 300 block of N. Vermont Avenue. When the officer’s arrived, they saw a man on the ground being held by two citizens. 

Shortly before police arrived, the desk clerk at a local hotel took notice of a man with a back pack who walked into the lobby and began to suspiciously look around. He asked the clerk about the price of a room, and then pointed a gun at him and demanded money. The suspect walked around the counter where the clerk stood and told him to open the cash register. The clerk, fearing he was going to be shot, opened the register and gave the suspect money. 

During the robbery, an elevator door opened, and two hotel guests who happened to be martial arts experts visiting Los Angeles from Oregon for a martial arts’ tournament heard the clerk’s cry for help and immediately took action. The pair grabbed the suspect who was holding a gun in his right hand. During the tussle with the suspect, the Good Samaritans repeatedly asked him to drop the gun and stop struggling. The pair was finally able to wrestle the gun from the suspect and took him to the ground with a leg sweep and then held him on the ground until Rampart Division officers arrived. 

The suspect, identified as 31-year-old Luis Rosales, a resident of Los Angeles, was taken into custody without further incident. In addition, a loaded 9mm handgun and the money taken from the cash register were found inside Rosales’ backpack. Rosales was booked for armed robbery with a firearm. His bail is set at $101,250.

For more information, please contact Media Relations Sections at (213) 486-5910.

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[VIDEO] 100 Person Brawl In An Alabama Waffle House!

Waffle House fight suspect, Brandon Dequan Harper. Courtesy Tuscaloosa Police Department.

UPDATE (October 24th, 2011)Tuscaloosa police have arrested three individuals in connection with this incident. One suspect is a minor only 17 years of age, but the other two are 21-year-old Brandon Dequan Harper and 19-year-old Justin Darnell Harper. Both Harpers have been charged with disorderly conduct and are being held on a $300 bond. 

Apparently the fight broke out due to a robbery case that had occurred in August 2011. The suspect (who should be laying low) saw the victim inside the waffle house and decided to initiate a conversation which obviously led to a fight. 

Others have been identified and warrants have therefore been issued for their arrest. The identities of these men is thanks to tips to Crime Stoppers, and they are still asking for more information. In fact, they are even offering a cash reward for any information relating to this case. 

Waffle House fight suspect, Justin Darnell Harper. Courtesy Tuscaloosa Police Department.

On Sunday morning at 2:34am, police were notified of a full on brawl at a Waffle House at the 3421 McFarland Blvd. East location in Tuscaloosa. Chairs were being thrown as 100 people found themselves in the midst of a full on brawl…in a fucking waffle house.

Although the fight started outside of the waffle house with tempers flared, it quickly gravitated into the restaurant where more and more individuals became involved. Police have not released information on whether or not any arrests have been made, but as time passes, more information will surely come to light. And once we hear more, we will most certainly update this story.



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UPDATED: Robbers Breaking Into Amish Homes And Cutting Off Victims’ Hair And Beards

UPDATE: October 10th, 2011 – 11:26PM


There are members in the Amish community in Ohio that are fearful and angry about the recent occurrences amongst them. There have been multiple breaks ins, and in each occurrence, men’s and women’s hair is being cut off as well as the men’s beards.

Four different sheriff’s departments – Jefferson County, Carroll County, Holmes County and Trumbull County – reported similar incidents this week involving hair cutting, with reports of groups of Amish men yanking victims out of their homes by their beards or bursting into their homes and attacking them with scissors.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department reported the Amish men referred to themselves as being part of the ‘Bergholz Clan’.

A 13-year-old female and 74-year-old man were amongst two of the victims in Holmes county when a group of 27 men came into their home. The cops moved forward aggressively and were taking evidence from horse trailers and buggies, assuming that these were used in connection with the assaults.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said there was a similar incident in Trumbull County three weeks ago.

He said hair from the victims was brought back to Jefferson County to prove to Sam Mullet, the bishop of the Bergholz group, that Mullet’s orders concerning the hair cutting was being followed.

Holmes County, and I’m assuming the others as well, have reported that they will be pursuing felonious assault and burglary charges for whoever participated in these attacks.

In 2007, the Bergholz Amish community was again thrust into the spotlight after it was alleged that sexual abuse was prevalent in the community.

Sheriff Abdalla testified that a 12-year-old girl was brutally raped in the community, and he expressed concern that there could be more potential victims.

He also said that the community was being intimidated by Bishop Mullet  saying that he ‘has fear instilled in all those people; mind control in all those people’.

I love how much fun these little pranksters are having. They could be brutally assaulting these individuals, but no, they’re simply cutting their hair off. And the fact that they’re using their horse trailers and buggies as get away “cars” just makes me laugh hysterically. Like, seriously? If you’re going to break the law, assault members of your community, and more, I don’t see why you couldn’t just use a damn automobile. It’s not like you have much respect for the Amish traditions anyhow. And I would assume that they don’t move too fast and you could be easily apprehended after committing such a crime. Thank goodness your victims don’t have phones and can’t call authorities quickly enough to make that happen. Although, I’m still confused as to why they don’t just chase you, rather follow you, out themselves.


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[VIDEO] Man Robs Gas Station While Police Officer Is Right Behind Him

In Snellville, Georgia, a young 21-year-old man by the name of Stephen Daniel may be one of the dumbest criminals yet. Yes, this idiot walked up to the gas station clerk and screamed, ”Give me all the money!” While doing this, the attendant is seen smiling and laughing, most likely due to the fact that he saw the police officer, B.W. Brown, just behind Mr. Daniel.

“I know what’s going on, but he’s not dumb enough to do this with me standing right behind him,” the officer tells Atlanta’s Channel 2 News.


Don’t Rob A Convenience Store With A Cop Standing Right Behind You – The ConsumeristWhile we at Consumerist never, ever, ever condone crime. We have covered enough retail crime stories to have gleaned a few tips on what not to do. For example, if you plan on robbing a convenience store, you might want to check that a police officer is not standing a few feet behind you the entire time.

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Father Accused Of Eating His Child’s Eye Out

Angelo Mendoza, 34, was taken into custody after an interesting incident that occurred in his apartment. His neighbor, Ramon Rodriguez, was the one to call the police after seeing Mendoza act nervous and flee his apartment in his wheelchair wearing only some boxers and a sweater.

“The guy was crazy. Real bug-eyed; he had to be on drugs,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said the boy’s father wheeled himself into the front yard and asked Rodriguez to play with him and a pet dog. He was wearing boxers and a sweater. When Rodriguez refused, Mendoza got off his wheelchair and dragged himself into a back yard, where he found an ax.

By then Mendoza had stripped naked. He chained himself to a tree in the back yard and began hacking at his leg with a pickax while yelling incoherently.

Rodriguez wasn’t aware of the child inside at this time and decided to try to intervene and take the ax away from Mendoza. Meanwhile, Mendoza was telling his neighbor to look at the sun and pray with him. He was clearly out of his mind.

“As soon as I grabbed the ax he tried to bite me, and I had to hold him down with my knee. There was dry blood around his mouth. I don’t know if it was his own, but I’m pretty sure it was his son’s now that I hear the story,” said Rodriguez.

After wrestling the ax away from Mendoza, Rodriguez went into the apartment to check on 4-year-old Angelo Jr. When he went inside he saw the poor boy naked and bleeding.

Police said the boy had numerous bites to his hands and his eyes were swollen shut. Doctors said the boy’s left eye and muscle were completely missing. His other eye was mutilated beyond repair. The boy told them, “My daddy ate my eyes out.”

It was determined, after he was taken into custody, that he was under the influence of PCP. This poor kid will now know that the reason his face is mutilated and sight gone, is because his dad was more concerned with doing drugs and literally acting like the craziest person I have ever heard about.

Mendoza has been charged with torture, aggravated mayhem, and cruelty to a child. Luckily, Angelo Jr. is now in the custody of CPS and his father’s bail is set at 1 million dollars.

Thank goodness this sick piece of shit will be serving prison time. The only sad thing is that he didn’t cut off his own leg and suffer the way his son will have to for the rest of his life. Hopefully the justice system did its job and made this shit head pay. Personally, I’d like to see them just get rid of him and not waste our tax money on this man who cared for no one, not even himself.

UPDATE - Angelo Mendoza Jr., the 4-year-old whose eyes were allegedly maimed by his father, has regained partial eyesight, a source familiar with his condition said Thursday. The boy can see out of his damaged but intact right eye and his vision is expected to improve, the source said.

He is getting regular care from an ophthalmologist and his eye is healing, the source said.



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Naked New Yorker Goes Door To Door Stabbing People

Earlier this morning in New York, Christian Fallero, 23, has been identified as the naked man who took a six-inch kitchen knife door-to-door stabbing whomever answered. Although only one individual was killed during the attacks, four others were injured.

Three individuals were women between the ages of 60 and 85. There was also a 22-year-old female that was punched by Fallero and another man, 81-year-old Ignacio Reyes-Collazo, who was killed after the stabbing. Each of these individuals opened their door, unaware that a naked man yielding a six inch blade would be standing there and prepared to stab them. After wreaking havoc within the neighborhood, he turned the blade on himself.

According to Dailymail:

It happened in the Washington Heights neighbourhood of upper Manhattan at around 4.30pm local time.

The suspect has been arrested despite him turning the knife om himself. According to authorities he has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder as well as robbery.
Shocking that a naked man could run around New York and have the time to kill one person as well as injure four more. It seems that city is so damn compacted that this could have been avoided, but I guess no one wants to get in the middle of a naked man with a knife, on a mission. If I were his lawyer, I would most definitely be blaming this on the heatwave and the miraculous earthquake that took place, seeing as these things are new to New York and must be difficult for some people to handle…obviously.

How Bella the dog survived being stabbed in the HEAD during burglary

Before surgery: The German Shepherd ahead of having the knife pulled out

DailymailThis brave German Shepherd sits calmly with her owner – just minutes after  burglars stabbed an eight inch blade into her skull.

The six-year-old family pet, named Bella, needed emergency surgery to remove  the protruding knife after the horrific incident on Saturday.

This shocking picture shows how the robbers narrowly missed the animal’s eyes  as they plunged the deadly blade into her forehead.

Today Bella’s owner Vernon Swart said he feared the worst when he saw the knife sticking out of her skull following the attack at his home in South Africa.

He said: ‘I was in the house on Saturday morning when the neighbours called to  say our dog was running around in the street with a massive knife in her head.

‘I didn’t believe them but when I went outside I saw it for myself.

‘The neighbours said they had caught intruders trying to enter their home and  they must have then tried to get into my place when Bella attacked them in our  garden.

‘One of them had stabbed her right in the head and the end of the knife was  poking out between her eyes.

‘I feared the worst and assumed she was going to die, but incredibly she was  running around as if nothing had happened.’

Mr Swart, a professional artist from Stellenbosch near Cape Town, said he rushed Bella to the vet for surgery after the stabbing.

He said: ‘My wife was at work but she came home and we drove down to the vet.

‘Bella was on the back seat and every time she turned her head the handle of  the knife banged against the window.

‘She obviously couldn’t feel anything as she was acting normally, but it looked  horrific.

Sickening: Vernon Swart with his Bella while she had a knife in her head

‘The vet couldn’t believe what he was seeing and said he had no idea how Bella  had survived.

‘He put her under an anaesthetic and then pulled the blade out.

‘It was imbedded so far into her skull that he had to put his knees up against  Bella’s head and lever it with his arms.

‘When we saw the size of the knife we were absolutely shocked.

‘The vet said it must have missed her brain by fractions of a centimetre and  otherwise she would have been dead.’

The eight inch diver’s knife was later handed to the police as evidence after  the surgery.

Detectives confirmed they had opened a case of malicious damage to property  following the incident.

They were today hunting for the suspected thieves, who ran away after the  attempted break-in.

Meanwhile Bella was recovering at home after her ordeal.

Mr Swart said: ‘She’s been lying beside the fire and we’ve been treating her to  all sorts of nice food, but she seems absolutely fine.

‘People keep coming to look at her but she can’t understand what all the fuss  is about.’

He added: ‘We’re just so relieved that she’s okay.

‘She’s been with our family for ages and we’d have been devastated to have lost  her.

‘I’ve told the police that if they find the guys who did this we’d like to  leave them alone in a room for a few minutes with Bella, and she’d quickly get  her revenge.’

Man’s Skeleton Found in Chimney 27 Years After Disappearance

Gawker- Well, here’s a story not to think about next time you are in an enclosed space: A bank in Abbeville, La. that was undertaking renovations this year discovered a skeleton inside a chimney that had been closed for three decades.

The body’s been identified as belonging to Joseph Schexnider, who went missing in January of 1984 while apparently evading arrest for stealing a car. Schexnider had disappeared before—once, according to his mother, he actually joined a circus—and cops eventually stopped looking for him.

But he was right nearby the whole time! He seems to have entered the bank chimney from the top, and, since he died of “dehydration and starvation,” it seems fair to assume he got stuck while inside. If he was planning a robbery, it was a strange one—no bag was found among his effects—and certainly no one at the bank noticed he was there when the chimney was closed “in the 1980s.”

This should be a lesson o anyone out there that is planning on burglarizing and making their entrance through the chimney: you do the crime, you do the time. I’m in awe that no one had smelled his body decomposing and how they came about finally noticing it, 27 years later.


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