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[VIDEO] Sh*t Christians Say

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First of all, I just want to make a point of mentioning that this is sarcasm and I don’t feel that all Christians say or act like this. Being religious is your personal choice and being non-religious, is mine. This video made me laugh and does portray how many extreme Christians act, at least from what I have seen, being a lesbian. If you can’t find the humor, then I suggest you lighten up a bit and don’t take yourself so seriously. The only judgment you’re allowed to make….oh wait! As a Christian, you shouldn’t be judging me, because that’s God‘s job…

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I had to get in on the fun before the “Shit _____ Say” meme completely falls from grace. Yay God!

Starring: Chase McCown 

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[VIDEO] Rick Perry: Gibberish Makes More Sense

Texas Governor Perry


Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry shares a few poignant thoughts via some very Bad Lip Reading. Original video here:http://youtu.be/0JQ8zF_nK1Q

CNN story on BLR and Rick Perry: http://youtu.be/3Aelhjn8TmQ


Rick Perry Is An Idiot.

The campaign video with Rick Perry that I had posted yesterday is very much anti-gay. Surprisingly, the jacket that he is seen wearing in that video is the same jacket that Heath Ledger wears in the film “Brokeback Mountain“. This movie is about Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal having a secret gay love affair while on a job out in the mountains.

This is hilarious.

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[VIDEO] Rick Perry’s Campaign Video… With A Twist

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It’s hard to tell exactly what he was on about in much of this.

Honestly, if kids “observed’ Christmas any harder in schools than they already do, they would be elves. And liberals don’t hate religion, we’re too busy drum circling, same sex marrying, and not owning guns to bother. 

So what was he talking about? He was talking about trying to break double digits in Iowa. And since he’s sitting on a big pile of money from people who once thought he was going to be president, it’ll be fun to see him thrash about as his campaign gasps for air. 

But Rick Perry and all other heathen-haters take note: atheists and agnostics are 20 percent of the population and growing–more than African-Americans or Latinos. Add in gays, lesbians, bi and transgender folks, and you not only have a substantial voting block, you have a fucking awesome party. Lezzdoit.

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This is such a great video in response to the video posted below made by Rick Perry. Andy Cobb does a great job of not only pointing out the flaws in Rick Perry’s message, but it’s also extremely witty and humorous. Seeing as I’m an Atheist, I found this pretty amazing. Too many Atheists are going around and insulting religion (for various reasons that I understand), but this is a much better way to show people that we are not all bad. Just because we don’t believe in God doesn’t mean we don’t believe in morality, kindness, respect, and much more.

Now, here is the original Rick Perry video:

I’d like to pint out that the first video I posted has over 3,000 likes and only 55 dislikes. The latter video (with Rick Perry) has been viewed over 740,000 times and has over 3,800 likes with a whopping 179,000 DISLIKES. This man is an absolute idiot and I can’t believe people actually feel he’s capable of running our nation. God help us….. ;)


Governor Rick Perry of Texas speaking at the R...

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Marriage: One Man, One Woman – Two Words: Fuck You

Here is a video from the Republicans debate last night. Their answers and beliefs about gay marriage are answered honestly. Bachmann and Perry royally irritated me through this:

Texas Gov. Perry Thanks Anti-Gay Groups in “Response” Remarks

HRC BackstoryTexas Governor Rick Perry – who some speculated was distancing himself from the anti-gay sponsors of his prayer rally in Houston this past weekend – actually ran in the opposite direction and thanked the groups and individuals from the stage during closing remarks at the event.

“I want to thank those people who worked so hard to make this day a reality, including Mr. Don Wildmon of the American Family Association, Luis Cataldo, yea, Doug Stringer of Turning Point Ministries.”

In case you need a reminder about the anti-gay track record of “those people” the Texas Governor and likely presidential hopeful is referring to, check out our initial factoids on the Response’s organizers we did right after the event was announced in June.

HRC Board of Directors member Meghan Stabler captured Perry’s closing remarks. Watch him thank the AFA and their anti-gay partners:

Many left the Response following Perry’s earlier opening remarks. The end of the event was youth-focused and featured high schoolers and college students leading the remaining attendees in prayer. One organizer leading group chants loudly called for prayer in all classrooms across the country. In various places throughout the crowd, some people broke into tongues.

Event organizers claim more than 30,000 people attended the Response. However, HRC and other LGBT equality and civil rights advocates were in attendance and place the number closer to 15,000. For the latest on Rick Perry and the activities of his anti-gay partners, visit www.hrc.org/callitout.


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