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Mike Tyson Wannabe Bit Off Man’s Eyebrow During Fight

Everybody was shocked as hell the first time that this happened with Mike Tyson biting off an ear, but to do this at a house party is just fucking sick.These two men didn’t even know each other before this party, which is pathetic. Although there aren’t many details as far as what led to the fight, there is this article from Huff Post Weird News with some updated information from the LA Times:

BUENA PARK, Calif. — Authorities in Southern California say a man,┬áLuis Miguel Aguilar, 29, bit off another man’s eyebrow during a fight at a house party [in the 7500 block of El Cerro Drive], chewed it up and spat it out.

Buena Park Police Cpl. Andy Luong says the man lost “a pretty good chunk” of skin and hair on his face, an area about the size of an egg. The man, [41-year-old Placentia resident], will require reconstructive surgery. His identity has not been released.

Aguilar was expected to be arraigned Thursday on one count of felony mayhem.

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