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[VIDEO] Dog Finds and Buries Dead Puppy

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Here is a video, that no one knows much about. It is unclear as to whether or not the dog doing the burying is the mother of the pup or just a passer-by. Either way, this is a very sweet videos that shows how compassionate some dogs can be.



[VIDEO] Golden Retriever Saves Her Puppy From Drowning

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Obviously there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this video. Many people are upset that the person filming is not trying to help save the puppy, while others are saying it’s a perfectly humane way to train your dog to rescue. I think the owner figured that the pup still had its head above water and was hanging on to┬áthe edge, and clearly the mother figured out how to get the pup from there.

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Puppy Hurled Into The Ocean Multiple Times Before Being Rescued By Passerby

In Xiamen, in southern China’s Fujian Province, a young man was seen hurling a defenseless puppy dog into the ocean water numerous times. Each time that the puppy swam back to land, the young man would pick it up and throw it back out to sea.

According to witnesses, many people were yelling at the young man to stop, but he ignored them completely and continued on with his abuse. After a few throws, the puppy was unable to make it back to shore and climbed onto a rock that was out in the middle of the ocean.

Luckily, a swimmer that had witnessed the animal cruelty went out to the rock and grabbed the poor puppy that was fighting for its life. While the swimmer was helping the puppy, the asshole who abused the pup fled the scene. Meanwhile, the dog is now in the hands on a woman who has promised to provide a good home.

One witness, Mr Wang, said: ‘I thought the man had come to the beach for a walk with his pet dog, but what he did next surprised all of us.

‘He held the little dog, leaned backward and threw the puppy out into the sea.

‘The puppy was very small, it was around eight inches long.

‘It landed about 20-30 yards away in the water.’

Mr Wang said he was stunned as the man threw the puppy into the sea five times, ignoring attempts by people around him to make him stop.

‘That man was very cruel. He kept throwing the puppy into the water.’

For more about the sick animal abuser who will most likely go unpunished, VISIT HERE

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