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Warren Jeffs In Coma After Starving Himself

The notorious, and previous prophet, Warren Jeffs, has been taken to a hospital after eating and drinking very little.

Jeffs, 55, who is serving a 130-year sentence for sexually assaulting two of his many under-age wives, had been refusing to eat properly for the past three days while behind bars and became so weak he dropped into a coma, sources said.

Just recently, Jeffs was moved to the Louis C. Powledge Unit, located west of Palestine, Texas. Here is where he was put into solitary confinement and spent 22 hours a day in a hot, muggy cell. There was no air conditioning in the cell and seeing how hot it has been in Texas lately, this may have contributed to his becoming so dehydrated.

At this time, he is in a coma and has been declared in critical, but stable, condition. Personally, I don’t care if he survives and wish someone would just pull the plug so no one has to pay for him to stay alive.

Before Jeffs was moved to Louis C. Powledge Unit, he was in the county jail and an officer there had explained that his sexual drive was well above most other inmates. Rick Bradley, the former prison guard, had said that “the child molester, who used to preach to his congregants about abstaining from the act, masturbated continuously while in custody.” In fact, he apparently masturbated about 15 times a day in plain view of everyone in the jail. What a creep.

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Tapes Used To Convict Warren Jeffs, Have Been Released

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Polygamist Leader Warren Jeffs Sentenced To Life In Prison!!!!!!

Tony Gutierrez/AP - Warren Jeffs, right, is escorted out of the Tom Green County Courthouse by a law enforcement officer.

The jury in this case deliberated for less than a half an hour and sentenced him to the most possible time on BOTH counts! This man will now be behind bars for the rest of his life, and hopefully someone in the prison yard makes that day come sooner than later.

Sadly, I believe the church will find another prophet, which I find rather hilarious and ridiculous. You would think if God wanted a prophet, he would speak to them before the time came that they needed someone else to be in charge. Either way, a sick man and seven of his associates are behind bars for crimes they committed against young girls in their community.

Nice to see that the judicial system does work in some cases and the true criminals are convicted. My hope is that some of these girls will take the outside world’s judgment of their profit into consideration and escape from that miserable cult.


Warren Jeffs Guilty Of Sexual Abusing Children!

Mugshot: Jeffs after being arrested following the 2009 raid on his church

After a long drawn out trial, Polygamist leader, Warren Jeffs, has been found guilty of sexually abusing the two children that he took as ‘spiritual wives’.

During the trial, the jury was allowed to hear a sex tape that Jeffs had made, which featured himself as well as three wives, including the 12-year-old wife he was seen kissing in photos. In these tapes there was heavy breathing and panting, as well as Jeffs instructing the girl to “Take your clothes off. Do it right now.” They also used DNA evidence to prove that he had fathered the child with a 15-year-old girl who was another one of his spiritual wives.

While he defended himself in trial, he often objected and stated that his religious freedom was being denied. Many of his motions were overturned and ignored. During the time that the sex tape was being played (audio), he objected multiple times and stood in objection throughout the entire tape. The judge and jurors had headphones on so that they wouldn’t be disturbed by his outbursts.

Jeffs also referred to the Judge’s polio, and said that God had given this to her because she was prosecuting a man of God. He said that she would die because of this soon and it was what God wanted. Apparently, God also wanted to see him rot behind bars for the rest of his life.

Warren Jeffs is now facing life in prison and will no longer be able to marry himself or other religious members to young girls within their community. He stood by his actions in the name of religion and luckily no one used this to justify him hurting young women for his own personal benefit.

Happy to see Jeffs gone from the compound, but now, who will take this sick pervert’s place?


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