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Video: Officers Saving Suicidal Man Attempting To Jump

This is a video of a man who was attempting to jump off the roof of a building after a break up had made him distraught. Luckily, the neighbor caught the rescue on tape and can now be shared with everyone.

What’s not seen is the suicidal man, biting into the arm of an officer, yet the officer continues to hold on. I can’t imagine he would let go, but apparently some people feel this is a heroic response: to continue holding on. Anyway, they finally got him handcuffed to a safe area, and waited for firefighters to arrive. Then he was checked into a medical facility for 72 hour surveillance. Enjoy:

Drunk Cop Crashes Truck Pulling DARE Trailer

Gawker – A 38-year-old cop in Indiana, John Newcomb, was arrested Wednesday night after he side-swiped a parked car with his truck and then plowed into a tree, apparently while he was drunk. A woman who heard the crash and saw the immediate aftermath gave some details of the scene to local news channel WAVE 3. The best part of this otherwise average drunk driving-cop story is the trailer Newcomb was pulling :

“It said DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and Seymour Police Department- which made me think he was a police officer,” said Mr. Robbins.


Not only a police officer, but according to the Seymour Police Department website, he is the School Resource Officer, responsible for seven schools, acting as a mentor and providing students with a role model. It even states that he conducts lectures on narcotics and alcohol and their effects on driving.


“He’s not setting a good example for kids that see this,” said Mr. Robbins.

Mother Rachel Avila Mistakes Small Gun For Cigarette Lighter, Daughter Wounded

PatchA 12-year-old girl was wounded by a ricocheting bullet Sunday evening in Banning, when her mother fired a tiny pistol she mistook for a cigarette lighter, police said.

A “juvenile gunshot victim” was reported about 5:40 p.m. Sunday and officers responded to the emergency room at San Gorgonio Memorial Hospital, Banning police said in a statement.

Rachel Avila, 30, told police she and her 12-year-old daughter, both of Banning, were talking with friends in front of their mobile home in the 100 block of North Phillips Avenue when Avila found what she thought was a novelty cigarette lighter, police said.

The lighter resembled a miniature firearm and it was lying on the ground, Avila told police.

 Avila picked it up and tried to light it by pulling the trigger, police said.

The first time Avila pulled the trigger, nothing happened. The second time she pulled the trigger, a .22-caliber bullet was fired, police said.

“The bullet struck the ground, and then ricocheted upward and entered her daughter’s upper right arm,” the police statement said.

The girl was taken to San Gorgonio Memorial, where she was treated and released, police said.

I find it very hard to believe that the mother assumed that a gun was a novelty lighter. Aren’t you normally familiar with the lighters you have around your house, especially novelty ones that look like guns. I’m also pretty damn sure it wasn’t as light a lighter. Apparently the case is being considered an accident at this time, but they’re still trying to figure out who the gun belongs too. Another thing that sounds rather fishy…someone just came and dropped off their .22 caliber gun at your house and mentioned nothing to you. Okay, sure, this makes perfect sense.


A Fugitive Taunts Cops on Facebook Only To Get Caught

GawkerTaunting police on Facebook when they’re out searching for you is, admittedly, pretty funny. But if you’re going to do it, it’s important that you not get caught. Otherwise you end up like recently-apprehended fugitive Victor Burgos: In jail, and looking really dumb.

Burgos was wanted on domestic violence and harassment warrants in Utica, N.Y. when he posted a “video showing him walking into an unidentified NYPD stationhouse,” writing “Catch me if you can, I’m in Brooklyn.” So… they did. U.S. Marshals and NYPD arrested Burgos in a Brooklyn apartment, catching him, not coincidentally, at his laptop dicking around on Facebook. He’s now awaiting a hearing in Oneida County. And he deleted the posts from his Facebook account.

This guy is hilarious. Why in hell would you tempt the cops to come and get you, while providing them with your location? I hope he’s aware that you can’t use Facebook while in prison, since he seems to be quite enthralled with the website.

No More Red Light Tickets in Los Angeles!


A red-light camera is posted at La Brea Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Critics say the photo enforcement program is flawed because the vast majority of the 180,000-plus camera-issued tickets since 2004 have been for illegal right-hand turns. (Glenn Koenig, Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles Times“Motorists who get tickets under the city’s controversial red-light camera program can shrug them off, Los Angeles officials agreed Monday.

That was one of the few points of consensus to emerge from a three-hour City Council committee hearing on the future of the much-debated photo enforcement system. The session ended with a recommendation to stop issuing citations at the end of the month and “phase out” the program.

Richard M. Tefank, executive director of the city’s Board of Police Commissioners, told the Budget and Finance Committee that the tickets are part of a ‘voluntary payment program’ without sanctions for those who fail to submit fines.

‘The consequence is somebody calling you from one of these collection agencies and saying ‘pay up.’ And that’s it,’ said committee member and Councilman Bill Rosendahl. ‘There’s no real penalty in terms of your driver’s license or any other consequences if you don’t pay.’”


Woodstock Man Sets Teen on Fire During Sex

“Joseph Raymond Zeock, 61, was charged by Woodstock police with aggravated battery, cruelty to children 1st degree, false imprisonment and solicitation of sodomy.”

In Gwinnett County, Zeock was arrested after the 17-year-old claimed that he had been set on fire during a sexual encounter with the man. The young male teen was offered money in exchange for certain acts. One of these acts consisted of being tied up, gagged and then set on fire in a lodge on July 10th.

I am a little confused as to how this man felt he could get away with a sexual encounter turned attempted murder, but the fact that he paid a 17-year-old makes it a little more understanding. This man is sick and I’m glad that he was arrested before he could further hurt anyone else. The 17-year-old is also very lucky that he wasn’t yet 18, and his name wasn’t released.

For more on this story, click here

The smartest bum, or at the very least….wittiest.

Credit: facebook.com

Sadly, with this economy bums are having to be far more creative when asking for money. And, they have to be even MORE creative when asking for alcohol. I think this guy deserves whatever beer is given to him simply because he thought of this ingenious idea.

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