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Mother who ‘let boyfriend yank out her two-year-old son’s teeth and toenails’ jailed for 13 years

Jessica Carder, 22, has been sentenced to nearly 14 years because she allowed her boyfriend to yank out her 18-month-old son’s teeth and toenails, with pliers. She was high at the time, and has used this as an excuse for “not knowing” what her boyfriend was doing to her son.

28-year-old Andrew Richards is the sick piece of crap that took pleasure out of torturing her young child. He is not the boy’s father, thank goodness, and will be in prison for the torment he inflicted on this innocent little person. Luckily, the judge didn’t let Carder off too easy because he was appalled that nothing was done during the incident or after in terms of seeking medical attention.

‘I think if a parent saw their child in that situation, they would run, not walk, to seek medical attention,’ said Judge Alison Frazier.

During Monday’s four hour hearing, photos from the boy’s medical examination were shown to the court.

‘The second she started looking at those photos and noticed the ramifications of what happened to her child, she began crying,’ 

Jennifer Joas, Carder’s defense attorney, told the Madison Courier.

Carder was first questioned after police got a tip from the 18-month-old’s grand parents. They had noticed that he had two teeth missing as well as cuts and bruises on his body. Karl Roy Andersen, the innocent victim, “would have suffered ‘extreme pain’ through the tooth torture. It would have taken tremendous force to remove a tooth and he added that there was no way the boy would have been able to take them out on his own.”

The typical excuse was used, and Carder claimed that she feared Richards, which is why she did not step in or get help for the boy after this painful experience. She was also able to explain away the bruises by sharing that Richards had had a seizure while holding the boy and his grip grew tighter. Unfortunately, it’s hard to believe that the same man who went to great lengths to take a child’s toenails and teeth out, accidentally, squeezed him too hard. That is just absurd.

Although it’s not great what happened, at least he is no longer under his mother or father’s care. They have both got themselves caught up in legal matters in regards to prescription pills; And Carden has already admitted she was too high to intervene during the abuse.

Carder testified she had been using prescription pills and marijuana since she was 14 and was an addict by the time she was 16.

The child’s father, also named Karl Roy Andersen, is in jail for using stolen prescription slips to buy and sell pills.

The boy is now in the custody of his grandparents.

The child’s paternal grandfather, Karl Andersen, had prepared a statement for the court to hear in regards to the abuse of his grandson:

‘When my wife told me what happened to him, I couldn’t stop crying. 

Jessica Carder does not care one bit about her son. She only cares about herself,’ he said.


Mother Performs Circumcision On Newborn With Box Cutter and YouTube

Keemonta Peterson, 30, has been arrested for attempting to circumcise her three-month-old son while at their home. She did this with no medical assistance, but with the help of YouTube videos and reading from the Old Testament.

She has, for some odd reason, avoided jail time after pleading guilty to first-degree criminal mistreatment. The reason this is hard to believe is because the child was bleeding for two hours after the procedure before authorities were contacted.

The 30-year-old mother of four must also undergo mental health treatment after Multnomah County Circuit Judge Eric Bergstrom told her ‘the reality is you love your children and had absolutely no intent to harm your child’.

Sadly there was another child, 13-year-old boy, who watched his mother perform this invasive surgery with pliers and a box cutter. The young baby was in intense pain and the bleeding was uncontrollable.

Luckily, after Peterson took the initiative to call for help, her baby boy has made a full recovery since being in Intensive Care. All four children are now in the hands of social workers and her mental health is being investigated.

Her bail was set at $550,000 but following a hearing was reduced to $5,000 and she was released from jail.




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