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[VIDEO] Pitbull Shot By Cops in East Village


The pitbull breed is notorious for being protective of their owners, but this time, it led to a dog being shot by police. Star, a pitbull mix, was by her owner, Lech Stankiewicz’s, side while he was having seizures in the middle of the street. Not that this matters, but I do feel people should be aware that this has happened before to Lech and was suspected to have a connection with his drug use and overdosing.

Johnny Rodriguez, who was visiting the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary nearby, said he and three other people alerted nearby police officers that the owner of the dog was in danger of being hit by traffic. “He was having a seizure, I saw him lying down on the ground and his head was twitching and shaking.” The two officers who responded called for backup (“I guess they didn’t have the training or something”) and the dog began growling as officers approached the man.

“I told one of the cops, ‘Hey, that dog is growling, be careful,’ because they were getting pretty close,” Rodriguez says. “I used to have a pit bull and that’s just how they are, they protect their owners.” Rodriguez thought that one woman had placed herself too closely behind the man as she was observing what was happening. “It grabbed her pants, but it didn’t bite her, then the dog starts running at the cop.”


Contrary to previous reports, Rodriguez, who lives in Bay Ridge, says that police used mace only after the dog was shot. “If they used it, I didn’t see it, I was there the whole time though.”

Star is still alive and is safe at the Animal Care & Control facility on East 110th Street. It will be further investigated as to how she behaves, once she’s had a full recovery. Right now, they’re currently trying to locate Star’s owner, Lech, but have been unsuccessful in doing so. What’s weird to me, is he was unconscious on the ground, they shot his dog, and then failed to go back and tend to the man? They have no idea where he went? That’s ridiculous ha.

I’m not quite sure if I can side with the police or not, mainly because I wasn’t in that situation. For me, seeing a dog get shot is more emotionally difficult to handle than seeing a person get shot. Don’t ask me why, but I assume it has something to do with my mother being the same way. Regardless, I do value human lives and wouldn’t want to see someone die because they refused to fight the animal first.

The Local East Village spoke to friends of the dog’s owner, who police identify as Lech Stankiewicz, and they said that Star has a history of being overprotective of Stankiewicz.

“Most of us figured out that when he’s passed out, whether he’s overdosing or not, leave him alone,” the friend, Brandon Verna, said. “If he’s going to die, call an ambulance and have them deal with it because no one wants to get bitten.”

I love pitbulls and all they have to offer. I am also afraid of pitbulls and all that can accomplish. Just like any dog, some are nice and some aren’t, some are trained well and others weren’t. But pitbulls are protectors, and because of that, they get a bad rap sometimes and people mistake their devotedness as aggression. I think I would have found this easier to digest if they had immediately tended to the unconscious man after the dog was no longer was an issue.

What do you think?


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Woman Hangs And Burns Nephew’s ‘Devil Dog’ After It Chews Up Her Bible


Miriam Smith, 65, has been charged with animal cruelty after admitting that she hung the pit bull and burned her, because she was a ‘devil dog’.

Smith’s nephew left Diamond, the one-year-old female pit bull with his aunt whom he shared a home with while he went away. When he came back to the home, he found no trace of the dog and had assumed that she managed to free herself from the chain she was normally tied to on the porch. Fortunately, an environmental enforcement officer had come across the dog’s body thanks to the smell of kerosene that was coming from beneath a mound of dried grass.

Diamond was found with an orange extension cord loosely tied around her neck and had some recognizable burns on her body. No animal deserves this kind of treatment for chewing one’s bible. And no one that reads the bible should feel that murdering a helpless animal is a good thing to do. What a sick and twisted woman.

Authorities said bail was not immediately set for Smith, who remains jailed in Spartanburg County, South Carolina after her weekend arrest.

Smith is charged with ill treatment of animals in general, torture, according to an arrest warrant.

She faces 180 days to five years in prison if convicted.

I hope this bitch gets the five years she deserves. Not only did she kill the poor dog, but she did it in the most inhumane way I could imagine. Sadly, diamond had to suffer and struggle for air before having her body burned and tossed away.


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Dog Leaps From 3rd Story Window After Being Abandoned There For 2 Months


A miraculous story about a one-year-old female Pit Bull has surfaced from Buzzard’s Bay, Boston and has led to a search for the two tenants who previously lived in the apartment that hosted the female dog and her 4-month-old puppy. Both dogs were left in the apartment as early as 2 months prior, without food or water.

After starving for too many months, the one-year-old decided to leap 3 stories below in search of food. Although she did break her hip and back, she received immediate surgery and is expected to fully recover thanks to the vets at a nearby Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists.

Four-Month-Old Pup

Both dogs are under care and being treated for malnutrition, but are luckily in the hands of people who care and are encouraged to help due to their amazing story. The police in New Bedford are also investigating this as well as the Animal Rescue League officials.

Animal Control Officer Emanuel Maciel described the apartment, saying: ‘It was flea infested. The third floor was flea infested – feces all over the floor. 

‘Urine spots all over the floor, same thing on the first floor it was devastating to see the conditions these animals were living.’

Jennifer Wooliscroft, director of communications for the Animal Rescue League of Boston, told the Boston Globe: ‘We see this too much. 

‘These dogs are often so resilient and nice when they really have no reason to be nice at all.’


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