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[UPDATE] Killer Has Been Identified, As Well As Possible Motive: Shooting At Oakland, CA Christian Univeristy


UPDATE: April 3rd, 2012 @ 12:00 PM – The shooter is being identified (allegedly) as 43-year-old, One L. Goh. According to some, he was often made fun of for his poor English speaking skills. As far as the authorites believe, Goh was looking for a former female administrator that had expelled him from Oikos University, earlier in the year. After realizing that she wasn’t there he went into an acupuncture room and told the students to “Get in line and I’m going to kill you all.” Although he has surrendered and been cooperative, he seems to be lacking remorse. It is believed that the death of his mother, brother and being expelled along with debt piling up, is the possible motive.

UPDATE: April 2nd, 2012 at 4:05 PM –  7 people are being confirmed dead after the shooting that took place this morning. The suspect has also been identified as a man in his 40′s and has been taken into custody by police. Along with the seven fatally shot, 3 other people were wounded as well.  Pastor Jong Kim, the University’s founder, did verify that the suspect was enrolled at the school as a nursing student, but was no longer enrolled. 

Although it hasn’t been verified yet, it is assumed that at least five people are dead after a man opened fire at Oikos University, a Christian school in Oakland, California at 10:30 this morning. Police are not letting people know how many are dead and/or wounded, but from the aerial shots, 5 bodies can be seen with sheets covering them.

Police described the suspect as an Asian male, 5-foot-9, wearing tan pants, according ABC station KGO-TV in San Francisco.

 Brian Snow was at a credit union in close proximity to the school when he heard the gunshots and saw someone running from that direction.
“I just heard more gunshots. A lady came out running and she had blood on her arm, but I didn’t know how bad the wound was,” Snow told KGO Radio. “She was just trying to make sure everyone was safe and took off her jacket and she had a big old hole in her arm.”
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[VIDEO] Marine Veteran Wounded With Rubber Bullet During The Raid On Occupy Oakland

The police decided (were told they had to remove the protesters) to go up against the brave men and women who were Occupying Oakland last night October 25th, 2011. They used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the tent city that was full of Americans protesting Capitalism and the control that corporations have on all of us.

Officers had cleared the site of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators around 12 hours earlier in a dawn raid where at least 85 people were arrested.

Police gave repeated warnings to demonstrators to disperse from the entrance to Frank Ogawa Plaza in the Californian city before firing tear gas canisters into the crowd at 7:45pm on Tuesday evening.

While they were doing their job, their job is being controlled by the people these very citizens are protesting. The more you remove them and fight their peaceful protest, the more you are implying that what these people are doing is right. Hundreds, thousands, hell, millions, have come together to make a change to our government because the current system in place is not working. Many of us are suffering, unemployed, in debt, and unable to fix our problems while the 1% gains currency that is unimaginable to most American citizens.

Marine Veteran Scott Olsen, a Veterans for Peace member is the gentleman who is seen in the video bleeding from the head after being hit with a non-lethal bullet. This man was employed by and fought for this country, but is now being attacked by the men and women who he devoted his life for. He is dealing with a war in his own country and HE is seen as the enemy.

Instead of throwing tear gas or rubber bullets at the police dressed head to toe in riot gear, the protesters were armed with paint. The paint was thrown on officers to show their resistance to leaving the are that they had occupied in the hopes of protesting peacefully.

The number of protesters diminished with each round of tear gas. Police estimated that there were roughly 1,000 demonstrators at the first clash following the march. 

About 200 remained after the final conflict around 11:15pm on Tuesday night – mostly young adults, some riding bicycles, protecting themselves from the noxious fumes with bandanas and scarves wrapped around their faces.

‘This movement is more than just the people versus the police,’ Mario Fernandez said on Tuesday night. ‘It’s about the people trying to have their rights to basic services. This crowd isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.’

City officials said that two officers were injured. At least five protesters were arrested and several others injured in the evening clashes. But city officials said 97 people were arrested in the Tuesday morning raid on the camp.


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