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Lee Hadwin, The Sleeping Artist

Lee Hadwin, 37, is a man who never had aspiration of becoming an artist and never dreamed of the day when he would be; But he has become a man that becomes an artist while he dreams. In fact, the only time he ever draws, is while he is sleeping.

Although he can’t recollect the work that he’s done while asleep, or even recreate it while he’s awake, he has made quite an impact on the art world. Hadwin is from North Wales and has seen doctors to try and explain what has been happening. Whether fortunate or not, no one has been able to determine how he has become such a talented artist, and while awake has no ability or desire to do so.

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‘Shepard Fairey, street artists brighten West Hollywood library’

Living in West Hollywood, I am very excited that Fairey and others have been commissioned to make this building more appealing and unique. I am also a huge fan of street art, so I may bit a bit biased.

Los Angeles Times - The new public library in West Hollywood isn’t expected to officially open until October, but at least one component of the complex is already garnering public attention: a new group of murals created by street artists Shepard Fairey, Retna and Kenny Scharf.

The outdoor murals are a joint project by the artists, the city of West Hollywood and the Museum of Contemporary Art. They can be found on the library’s parking structure, near the corner of Melrose Avenue and San Vicente Boulevard, across from the Pacific Design Center.

Fairey’s large-scale mural features a peace dove next to an elephant, both rendered in his signature style. You can view more photos of the near-finished artwork on Fairey’s website.

Fairey has made a point to explain that the tax payers are paying nothing for this, because he is not being paid to do the mural and he is using his own supplies. I’m sure residents will be even more thrilled to have such a creative library in the neighborhood as well as not have to pay a cent.

Retna has created a textual mural that incorporates strangely encrypted blue writing, which is said to be quotations from Salman Rushdie. Scharf’s mural, on yet another part of the building, features a colorful explosion of cartoon-like characters.

MOCA has chosen the artists for these murals and stands by the fact that it is not graffiti, because it was approved by them and creative expression by the artists.

The city of West Hollywood is paying for anti-UV and anti-graffiti coating, but the rest of the funding for the murals is coming from MOCA and the artists.

Okay, so we’re paying a little bit to protect the artwork. I’m totally okay with that. Having character in a neighborhood and making the library somewhere that more people will want to visit is a good idea in my book. I am looking forward to the new library as well as all of the aspects that will have come together to make more of a museum. The city has said that they plan on hosting these murals through July of 2012, so see them while they’re fresh!


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