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[VIDEO] Mormon’s Going Soft in Regards To LGBT

Gay Activists Gather At Mormon Temple For "Kiss In"

The Mormon church has continuously changed it’s views on political issues throughout the years; Polygamy is no longer acceptable and hasn’t been since 1890, whereas ordaining black men to the priesthood was banned from holding a priesthood until 1978. In fact, people of African descent were considered to be “cursed”. Funny how now that it’s not socially acceptable to discriminate the church openly allows black and white men to be ordained and makes no mention of the black men being cursed. So it makes sense for many participating Mormon‘s to change their stance considering we are obtaining more and more rights and have more of a voice.

Above is former Mormon Bishop Kevin Kloosterman, and not only does he show his support, he extends an apology during this conference in November of 2011.

“I came out and basically made a personal apology to [LGBT] folks for really not understanding their issues, not really taking the time to understand their lives and really not doing my homework,” said Kloosterman. 

I’d like to think that there was nothing behind this sudden kindness to the LGBT community, but unfortunately, with everything that has occurred with Prop 8 (which is closely tied to the Mormon church), I can’t say that I’m too sure. I do feel that the younger generation has more open-minded, free-thinkers and that as a whole, the church is growing friendlier, but I don’t feel those in charge are simply remorseful. And, I’m not the only person who feels this way.

“The church’s image is still heavily associated with the 2008 Prop. 8 campaign in California, and even though many Republicans oppose gay marriage, it’s not helpful for the Mormons to be tied to such a politically-charged issue at a time when it’s about to be under a lot of election-season media scrutiny,” wrote Commentary Magazine’s Alana Goodman, after noting that the CNN story felt like “part of some sort of Mormon church rebranding campaign.”



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