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[VIDEO] ‘Obama Blasts GOP Candidates on Booing of Gay Soldier at Debate’


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GOP candidates are silent when audience boos a gay soldier at their Orlando FL debate. Rick Santorum doesn’t even acknowledge the soldier’s service. The Commander in Chief calls them out on their failure to honor our men and women in uniform.

[VIDEO] 8-Year-Old Boy Tells Michele Bachmann That His Gay Mom “Doesn’t Need Fixing”

When I first saw this I was a little bothered. Although I do dislike Michele Bachmann, it seems as though this little boy was told to say this to the ignorant, judgmental bitch. But then again, I started to think about it more, and whether he was told to say this or not, her reaction is pure gold. She looks dumbfounded and shocked as she tells the boy “bye-bye” after not being able to come up with anything in response to his statement. She just wanted to be done with that and move on to the next person, hopefully someone who agrees with her homophobic stance.

Another thing I appreciated? Mrs. Bachmann is so nice to the woman and her son, but once the boy tells her his mom is gay, she immediately glances a shocked look right at the mother and avoids any further contact. So nothing this gay mother DID changed Bachmann’s opinion, it was simply being told that she was a lesbian. I would never want to see someone with those childish judgments in a position of authority, especially running our country.

And lastly, I completely agree with what was being said and feel it was nice coming from an 8-year-old because he obviously does love his mother regardless of her sexual orientation. Whether he was coached or not should be irrelevant and me thinking it matters was wrong. Yes, he should be able to speak for himself, but he’s much too young to understand that this woman doesn’t like his mom because of who she loves. And on top of all of this, it could very well be what he thought. His mother could have explained that this woman thought she needed to be fixed because she was gay and he wanted to share his feelings.

Either way, this is a great video and shows the true nature of who Michele Bachmann is and how ignorant, unprepared, and badly composed she truly is.

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Video of Michele Bachmann trying to get her photo op in with my 8 year old son. It’s hard to hear but he leans in and tells her that his mom is gay and she doesn’t need fixing. GO ELIJAH! Love that look of shock she gets. 
We were there for an Occupy Myrtle Beach event to mic check Michele Bachmann on another issue. The lgbt issue came up separately. #Occupymb


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Marriage: One Man, One Woman – Two Words: Fuck You

Here is a video from the Republicans debate last night. Their answers and beliefs about gay marriage are answered honestly. Bachmann and Perry royally irritated me through this:

Marcus Bachmann Lied?! No?! <—–I’m being facetious.

Apparently Marcus Bachmann has some explaining to do, when it comes to where he got his degrees, what degrees he actually has, and well, the list is too long to bother you with. After reading the full article on Qweerty that commented on Mr Bachmann’s ex-gay treatment sessions, I thought this was a great quote to share:

“homosexuality is not a mental illness that needs “curing.” The American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973 and The American Psychological Association Council of Representatives followed suit in 1975. Those who have issues with their homosexual feelings usually have underlying self-image issues such as negative thinking, self-defeating behaviors, paranoia, obssessive-compulsion, delusions of psychosis. Hearing constant anti-gay messages in our culture can saddle a gay person with lots of neurosis and the object of therapy is to help resolve those neurosis, not to alter a person’s sexual orientation.”


Michele Bachmann is a Bitch.


Michele Bachmann has been making the rounds in the media these days, and for good reason. I recently read something that she said in response to a question about how she felt about Fred Phelps (leader of The Westboro Baptist Church). I was shocked and outraged by her response:

“I almost think that the gay community has hired this guy, or created this guy, to do what he does. He is their best friend.”

This is utterly ridiculous! Does she also believe that they’re helping the families who go to funerals of their fallen soldiers and have to face this churches condemnation?! Anyone that can justify any of this “clergy’s” actions, should not be considered to represent “the people” of America. This not only insults me, but makes me ashamed; Not for who I am, but for trying to be fair in my judgment of her.

She refers to people that call themselves homosexuals as having a  “very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life, and sexual identity disorders.”

I think she may be holding on to this definition of homosexuality because her poor husband would have no other excuse for his closeted gayness. Maybe I’m wrong though and his gay exorcism program really is working out well. Although, I don’t think I am. It seems more fitting that he’s gay, she’s a bitch, and the homosexuals are tired of being gay bashed by an ignorant politician.

More on Michele Bachmann’s Hatred Towards Gays: http://gawker.com/5820706/michele-bachmann-in-her-own-words-gays-are-part-of-satan

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