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Famed Hand Surgeon Arrested For Domestic Abuse After Throwing His Humanitarian Award At Wife

Michael Brown is (or should I say, was) a famed hand surgeon that was arrested for domestic abuse back in August, 2010. He is well known amongst the community and has many carpel tunnel clinics, the Brown Hand Center, in varying locations: Houston,Phoenix, Dallas, Austin and Las Vegas.

During a dispute with his fourth wife, Rachel Brown, the hand surgeon began to chase his wife and thow multiple items at her, which included vases and the Joanne Herring 2010 Humanitarian of the Year award. The irony of this man receiving a humanitarian award and then throwing it at his wife is amazing. Sadly, there is much more that makes this award seem so odd.

Brown had acknowledged in 2002 that he beat his third wife; Due to this admission, he may be facing a felony. He also had his medical license revoked after testing positive for cocaine in 2006. So far, he sounds like an all around good guy, right?

And more so, this apparent fight started because Mr. Brown was having a late night phone call with another woman. Rachel heard a late night phone call because her adoring husband accidentally dialed his wife and left a voice mail where he can be heard flirting with another woman. Way to go Mr. Brown.



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