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[VIDEO] Drivers use CNN to get high and test drive vehicles

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This video cracked me up and made me feel much better about driving under the influence of marijuana. Yes, I do drive while high. And for many people who don’t actively use marijuana, the idea of driving under its influence seems ridiculous. But, like most things, if you’ve built up a tolerance (like “Addy” in the above video), even being 5x over the legal limit doesn’t impair you enough to be a danger on the road. She had to smoke more than a gram to be told that she wasn’t in good enough condition to be driving, and even then, she agreed. I don’t know about you, but when I am drunk and want to go somewhere, I think I am capable of driving there safely. Yet, when I smoke, if I know I’m to high, I’m content with waiting until I’m no longer feeling incapable.

My favorite part about this video is how they tried to show in the end that all these individuals would have been arrested, according to the officer. Ironically, most of the drivers wouldn’t have even been pulled over, because their driving was still “pretty good”.

Thank you CNN for proving what I already knew. Stoners are more patient and rational than drunks (but if you’re a combination of the two, I have no speculation for how you might act or when you might or might not drive).


[VIDEO] Magic Flight Launch Box Product Review


After coming across the Magic Flight Launch Box, I was incredibly thrilled to try this product out and see what it could do. At home, I have a clunky (off brand) vaporizer that is usually more difficult to assemble than I’m interested in; So more often than not, I  settle on the water pipe. I have a neurological disorder (CRPS) and it weakens my immune system, which in turn means I get sick more often. Smoking as much as I have been is not good for me, and I have been searching for a small, easy to assemble vaporizer that didn’t take forever to get going. The Magic Flight is exactly what I was looking for.

The device itself is tiny and can take some getting use to, that is, if you have larger hands than I. For me, the size was just perfect and made it easy to handle with just one hand. The dimensions are 2.5” x 1.25” x 0.9” and easy to keep hidden, if being discreet is something that appeals to you. Again, it heats up so quickly and makes it easier to use than your average pipe. Vapor formed rather quickly and I was able to take a hit after just 3 seconds, sometimes 4 seconds.

The design is also appealing to me. Lets be honest, people are interested in buying things not only because of what they can do, but also because of how they look. In a way, it seems like a very well made DIY project, and this is something I really like. The wood finish is rather awesome and unique, considering most other vaporizers on the market.

But what really sold me was the price! To get such a reliable vaporizer for only $129 was well worth it. I would suggest anyone get this if you’re looking for something that will get the job done. Yes, it doesn’t have the space to really do the job of a Volcano or other, more large vaporizers, but who wants to heat it up, put it together, and deal with the clean up? Just pack another bowl in the Magic Flight and you’re good to go!

The only thing that I didn’t like so much was the battery life. They seem to die rather quickly (around 5 bowls on average), but luckily they give you two rechargeable batteries, which charge up pretty quickly. If you’re going on the road, you’ll just want to be sure you keep these batteries ready to go. So, while it is a con, it’s really the only one and not enough of one to make me not use this product every day. In fact, I have used it everyday since I’ve gotten it. My throat is not hurting quite so much, the vapor tastes much better, and I can use the remnants to cook with. Love it.

The lifetime warranty is also a great selling point ;) For more information and to get your very own, please visit Magic Flight’s site HERE

Also, here is an instructional video that is also posted on their website:


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Great News SoCal: Pot Ban Lifted After Impassioned Plea From Cancer Patient, Councilman Bill Rosendahl

Obviously, this doesn’t help the federal crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries, but it does show that Californians are willing to work at a state level and attempt to keep the dispensaries open and the regulations more clear.

LA Times:

In a faint and gravelly voice, Los Angeles Councilman Bill Rosendahl delivered an impassioned plea Tuesday asking his colleagues to lift the ban on pot dispensaries, asking them: “Where does anybody go, even a councilman go, to get his medical marijuana?”

Minutes before the council voted 11-2 to rescind its recently passed ban on storefront pot shops, Rosendahl said the council’s decision had created “a very emotional moment” for him. Rosendahl has been battling cancer for the past three months and relying on medical marijuana during that time.

“On the 20th of July, I had an MRI that was very, very serious. And the bottom line on that was, they didn’t give me much time to live. And I said, ‘No, no no no, I’m not ready to go. I certainly want to live a long time,’” said Rosendahl, who has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments and relying on a walker to move around in recent days.

Rosendahl, 67, said he began taking medical marijuana a decade ago to manage his neuropathy, a stinging pain in his feet, taking it “occasionally at night.” But on Tuesday, he put the issue in the context of his  battle with cancer, which has made it difficult for him to speak above a whisper.

 “If I can’t get marijuana, and it’s medically prescribed, what do I do?” he asked his colleagues.

Rosendahl criticized President Obama’s handling of the issue and spoke against some of the recent federal raids of dispensaries. And he said Los Angeles should work with state lawmakers to make California  law regulating medical marijuana clearer.

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[VIDEO] Mitt Romney Treats Man In Wheelchair Suffering From Muscular Dystrophy With No Respect

Mitt Romney (??? R-???):: Obstructionist Republican Clown

Mitt Romney is a despicable choice for President of The United States and I’m utterly disappointed in the individuals that are voting for him to be the Republican Candidate. Ignoring a man who has a question and is suffering a fatal disorder is an awful way to handle ones self when running for President, the man who takes care of the nation and its citizens.


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Well Alright, Lets Get High…


The results are in from a 20-year study of marijuana smokers; Smoking pot does not harm the lungs! I know it sounds crazy, but apparently this is only true for those of us who only smoke about once or twice a week. Sadly, I don’t fall into this category, but there is still some good news for those os us who enjoy medicating on the daily:

The results, from the 20-year study on the health effects of marijuana, are hazier for heavy users — those who smoke two or more joints daily for several years.

The data suggest that using marijuana that often might cause a decline in lung function, but there weren’t enough heavy users among the 5,000 young adults in the study to draw firm conclusions.

A small decline does not discourage me from using marijuana, especially because most everything in our body tends to decline with age. It’s the chemicals in cigarettes that really do the harm, and seeing as marijuana and tobacco only share a few of the same chemicals, the results differ.

The study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham was released Tuesday by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The findings echo results in some smaller studies that showed while marijuana contains some of the same toxic chemicals as tobacco, it does not carry the same risks for lung disease.

Awesome, let’s go roll a blunt and enjoy our lives.

***Unlike cigarette smokers, marijuana users tend to breathe in deeply when they inhale a joint, which some researchers think might strengthen lung tissue. But the common lung function tests used in the study require the same kind of deep breathing that marijuana smokers are used to, so their good test results might partly reflect lots of practice, said Kertesz, a drug abuse researcher and preventive medicine specialist at the Alabama university.***

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Pot Brownies Served At Funeral Send Guests To E.R.

Yahoo -

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (AP) — Pot-laced brownies served at a Southern California funeral sent three people to the emergency room over the weekend, Huntington Beach police said.

Two 71-year-old women and an 82-year-old man were taken to a hospital emergency room Saturday following a friend’s memorial service, where a tray of pot brownies was offered. They complained of nausea, dizziness and an inability to stand without assistance.

The three, residents of Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, didn’t know the marijuana-laced sweets were being offered in memory of their friend, who ate marijuana brownies. Police say the baked goods were put out without any announcement about what was in them.

Huntington Beach does not permit licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in the city limits. Federal authorities announced Friday they plan to crack down on marijuana sales and growing operations throughout the state.

California Politician Killed After Finding a Secret Opium Farm


[Photo of a poppy field via Kodda/Shutterstock


A city councilman and former mayor of Fort Bragg, California was gunned down while investigating a report of an illegal drug farm there. This won’t help Mendocino County’s reputation as among the mellowest of narco-hubs.

The former mayor, Jere Melo, was reportedly investigating a report of an illegal pot farm on private timberland when he and a companion encountered a collection of opium poppies and then came under fire from a high caliber rifle. The other man survived; Melo, a 69 year old pillar of the community, did not. The 35 year old suspect in the case is a transient with a history of mental problems — he recently wrote to Chinese diplomats about the “Martian military” — but the drug connection could cast surrounding Mendocino County in a harsher light.

County officials estimate up to two thirds of the local economy traces back to marijuana cultivation, with many of the smaller farms perfectly legal under state medical marijuana laws yet still banned under federal law. There’s even been talk of a “marijuana bubble” there in recent years as tighter border security drove up prices. That sort of scene tend to attract not-so-chill dudes with guns; hopefully local authorities are improving their ability to keep away the ones they fail to mellow out.

White House Admits Marijuana Has “Some” Medical Value

So just a few days after the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) deems that there is no medical value to cannabis, the White House has chosen to contradict that fact, somewhat. This is what was said in the report:

“While there may be medical value for some of the individual components of the cannabis plant, the fact remains that smoking marijuana is an inefficient and harmful method for delivering the constituent elements that have or may have medicinal value.”

The method by which you choose to use marijuana should have no effect on whether it is legal or illegal. To me this just seems like an easy way for them to get away with keeping marijuana classified as an illegal drug, but having to admit the facts that there are medical advantages.

You would think that with how far we’ve come on the research of marijuana and medical advantages for patients with pain, that the government would feel more obligated to use the facts of the matter to make a LOGICAL decision. But, of course, we’re depending on the corrupted American government for this.

Source: http://www.presstv.com/usdetail/188810.html

This is Absurd.

Marijuana has been approved by California, many other states and the nation’s capital to treat a range of illnesses, but in a decision announced Friday the federal government ruled that it has no accepted medical use and should remain classified as a dangerous drug like heroin.

The decision comes almost nine years after medical marijuana supporters asked the government to reclassify cannabis to take into account a growing body of worldwide research that shows its effectiveness in treating certain diseases, such as glaucoma and multiple sclerosis.

Advocates for the medical use of the drug criticized the ruling but were elated that the Obama administration had finally acted, which allows them to appeal to the federal courts, where they believe they can get a fairer hearing. The decision to deny the request was made by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and comes less than two months after advocates asked the U.S. Court of Appeals to force the administration to respond to their petition.

“We have foiled the government’s strategy of delay, and we can now go head-to-head on the merits, that marijuana really does have therapeutic value,” said Joe Elford, the chief counsel for Americans for Safe Access and the lead counsel on the recently filed lawsuit. Elford said he was not surprised by the decision, which comes just after the Obama administration announced it would not tolerate large-scale commercial marijuana cultivation. “It is clearly motivated by a political decision that is anti-marijuana,” he said. He noted that studies demonstrate pot has beneficial effects, including appetite stimulation for people undergoing chemotherapy. “One of the things people say about marijuana is that it gives you the munchies and the truth is that it does, and for some people that’s a very positive thing.”

DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart sent a letter dated June 21 to the organizations that filed a petition for the change. The letter and the documentation that she used to back up her decision were published Friday in the Federal Register. Leonhart said she rejected the request because marijuana “has a high potential for abuse,” “has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States” and “lacks accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”

This is the third time that petitions to reclassify marijuana have been spurned. The first was filed in 1972 and denied 17 years later. The second was filed in 1995 and denied in 2001. Both decisions were appealed, but the courts sided with the federal government.

Are you kidding me?! As a person with a neurological disorder that once had me immobilized, I am absolutely appalled by the federal government’s decision! This is clearly an economic and political judgment call. The tobacco and alcohol industries want to monopolize, and the government is letting this happen because they’re greedy little shit heads. I apologize for getting so heated over this, but I just don’t understand how a MEDICINE, such as cannabis, is compared to a drug like heroin. Tobacco and alcohol can cause death, along with multiple other problems. This is proven. Marijuana does the opposite and gets people feeling alive again when they once thought they had nothing to live for.

I remember having to medically withdraw from college, laying (immobile) on my couch for weeks at a time, taking up to 15 pills a day, feeling depressed and not knowing if it would ever end. When I tried using marijuana for my disorder (I’m not gonna lie, I used it recreationally before I was diagnosed), it completely changed my perspective and life. Today, I use Marijuana to keep my disorder under control. I have a full timejob, my moood swings aren’t as bad, my pain is manageable and my disorder no longer controls my life.

But you’re right, I suppose it has no medicinal benefit. I’ll just stick to smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol since those are my legal options.

Source: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/07/federal-government-rules-that-marijuana-has-no-accepted-medical-use-.html

Why a Mother Uses Pot to Treat Her Autistic Son | NBC Bay Area

Why a Mother Uses Pot to Treat Her Autistic Son | NBC Bay Area.

This is a wonderful video that shows the effects of marijuana for people with Autism. This mother went about it in the right way, did her research and supplies her son with the right dosage as well as the most organic and veganic product she can. While some people may be critical of her giving a 12-year-old Medical Cannabis, the advantages and benefits are proof enough to her, that this medicine may have saved her son’s life.

Please watch this video and feel free to judge for yourself.

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