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[VIDEO] Make It Count: A Short (very short) Film Of Two Guys’ Adventure

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Yes, this may be a marketing ploy from Nike. Yes, maybe it is “well-coordinated spontaneity on behalf of Nike’s marketing dept.” But, ultimately, it’s a video showing two men traveling to and from many different countries in just 10 days and having an extraordinary time. If you choose to critique this video, that’s your choice; Although, it’s also my choice to take this video as inspiration, NOT to go and buy a Nike product, but instead, to go travel and explore our planet. There is so much out there and so few of us are able to see it all, or even some for that matter. And it’s obviously filmed and edited very well, which makes it that much more amazing. Kudos to Max Joseph and Casey Neistat.

YouTube: ’like me on https://www.facebook.com/cneistat

we shot this in 10 days, just the two of us. 

Max, my friend in the movie, is a talented filmmaker, he edited this movie. check him out http://www.maxjoseph.com/

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[VIDEO] Riley, 5, Discusses Marketing For Boys And Girls


Riley, 5, is a pretty smart little girl and has trouble understanding why it is that princesses are pink and marketed towards girls, while G.I. Joe‘s and things of that sort are packaged in greens and blues and marketed towards boys. The stereotypes that are in place today, which offer guidance for what girls and boys should be interested in, often make me wonder if we’ll ever be able to stray away from the 50′s idea of what men and women should do and how they should act. Fortunately, we have young children, like Riley, who make it seem so apparent that this is wrong and not the way we should be encouraging our children. Just because the princess is in a pink package does not mean that a little boy can’t play with it, yet, he’s far too aware that the consequences of wanting and/or getting such a gift wouldn’t be all that great.

Way to go Riley! If only some adults could not be so ignorant and take advice from you, we might be better off.

And although she isn’t aware of what a provocative statement she made for the gay community, I’d like to send thanks to her for that as well. At this time, when a young boy’s parent is questioned because she paints his nails pink, we really need people to stand up and express that color doesn’t identify someone. We should already be well aware of this, thanks to the Civil Rights Movement, but sadly, we are not.

Gay children find it harder to come out because of these exact scenarios. If they want to buy a princess, the bullying begins and they learn from the get go, that in order to not be made fun of they can’t play with the toys they like, act the way they wish, or someday find love in a companion they choose. This is what is truly heartbreaking and this reason that little Riley is such an amazing girl.


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The motorcycle hard hats that look like a full head of hair

Designers from Kazakhstan have come together to make a new, unique look (‘skid lids’) for motorcycle riders everywhere.

The company is now hoping to find a firm to manufacture them after being inundated with calls from bikers wondering how they could get their hands on them.

Rimma Fhevtfova, of Good! said: ‘We wanted to make something unusual. We wanted to make something that is outside the box and to try and think differently.

‘There is a growing cycling scene in Kazakhstan. It is much better than it was two years ago so we want to tap into that.

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