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Initial Suspect of Bryan Stow Case Slams LAPD

The initial suspect, Giovanni Ramirez, has a family who is not too happy about the way the LAPD has handled the Bryan Stow case and has taken to speaking out about it publicly.

Giovanni’s mother, Soledad Gonzalez, is especially upset that her son’s photo was released to the public before he was proven to be involved in the case. She has said, “If they didn’t have any proof, why did they put a picture of him in public and say he’s the suspect?”

Since the beginning, there has been no sufficient evidence of his involvement. During the lineup, only one individual was able to positively ID his, while two others identified a different individual altogether and the other four witnesses failed to identify anyone at all. Along with this, his Uncle had an alibi for his whereabouts and told the police department about this from the beginning.

The only thing that was going good for the department were the witnesses that were able to positively ID him in a photo lineup.

Los Angeles Times - “But after scouring mobile phone records, thousands of images from surveillance camera footage, financial records and hundreds of other possible links and tips, detectives were unable to link Ramirez to the beating.”


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