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UPDATED: Robbers Breaking Into Amish Homes And Cutting Off Victims’ Hair And Beards

UPDATE: October 10th, 2011 – 11:26PM


There are members in the Amish community in Ohio that are fearful and angry about the recent occurrences amongst them. There have been multiple breaks ins, and in each occurrence, men’s and women’s hair is being cut off as well as the men’s beards.

Four different sheriff’s departments – Jefferson County, Carroll County, Holmes County and Trumbull County – reported similar incidents this week involving hair cutting, with reports of groups of Amish men yanking victims out of their homes by their beards or bursting into their homes and attacking them with scissors.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department reported the Amish men referred to themselves as being part of the ‘Bergholz Clan’.

A 13-year-old female and 74-year-old man were amongst two of the victims in Holmes county when a group of 27 men came into their home. The cops moved forward aggressively and were taking evidence from horse trailers and buggies, assuming that these were used in connection with the assaults.

Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said there was a similar incident in Trumbull County three weeks ago.

He said hair from the victims was brought back to Jefferson County to prove to Sam Mullet, the bishop of the Bergholz group, that Mullet’s orders concerning the hair cutting was being followed.

Holmes County, and I’m assuming the others as well, have reported that they will be pursuing felonious assault and burglary charges for whoever participated in these attacks.

In 2007, the Bergholz Amish community was again thrust into the spotlight after it was alleged that sexual abuse was prevalent in the community.

Sheriff Abdalla testified that a 12-year-old girl was brutally raped in the community, and he expressed concern that there could be more potential victims.

He also said that the community was being intimidated by Bishop Mullet  saying that he ‘has fear instilled in all those people; mind control in all those people’.

I love how much fun these little pranksters are having. They could be brutally assaulting these individuals, but no, they’re simply cutting their hair off. And the fact that they’re using their horse trailers and buggies as get away “cars” just makes me laugh hysterically. Like, seriously? If you’re going to break the law, assault members of your community, and more, I don’t see why you couldn’t just use a damn automobile. It’s not like you have much respect for the Amish traditions anyhow. And I would assume that they don’t move too fast and you could be easily apprehended after committing such a crime. Thank goodness your victims don’t have phones and can’t call authorities quickly enough to make that happen. Although, I’m still confused as to why they don’t just chase you, rather follow you, out themselves.


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