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[VIDEO] Bad Daddy, Good Aim

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At least the kid did his job and didn’t let the ball go in the net…

At least the kid did his job and didn’t let the ball go in the net…

Dog Pulls Unconscious Owner From Train’s Path

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When I first read about this heroic dog, I was looking forward to an uncomplicated story of a loyal dog helping its owner. Unfortunately, I feel this owner wasn’t so deserving of this amazing dog, who risked her life.

A pit bull named Lilly, from Shirley, Massachusetts, pulled Christine Spain away from the tracks as a freight train was coming towards them. Spain was unconscious at the time, so Lilly began to do what she thought best, pull her owner from the tracks and placing herself in harm’s way. The engineer of the westward-bound train saw Lilly pulling Spain in the early morning hours of May 3rd, and although he had tried to stop, he was unable to do so before hitting Lilly and leaving Spain unharmed.

As the train passed, the train’s wheels sliced through Lilly’s right foot, fractured her pelvis in numerous locations and caused various other internal injuries.

When EMTs arrived at the scene, Lilly was covered in blood but still standing guard over her owner, who had collapsed next to the tracks while walking home from a friend’s house.

This is when I began to get angry. Why did the woman pass out and why was she walking home in the very early morning hours? My assumption is that Christine endangered her dog because she was drunk and unable to stay conscious.

Spain’s son, Boston police Officer David Lanteigne, transferred Lilly from an emergency animal hospital in Acton to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston. In fact, Lanteigne is the one who adopted Lilly three years earlier, for his mother, in the hopes that it would help curb her drinking! AHA! While I may be wrong, this just makes me feel more confident in my original assumption. Obviously, Lilly loves the woman and wanted to save her life, but it was because of Spain’s irresponsibility that Lilly was even in that position.

“Lilly’s recovery from this horrific ordeal is my top priority right now and I’ll do everything possible to get her back home to us,” Lanteigne said.

At this point, we know that Lilly’s foot could not be saved and her right front leg had to be amputated. Luckily, the veterinarian said she should be able to walk once she fully recovers.

To make a donation to Lilly’s care and treatment, click here.



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[VIDEO] Girl Hits Herself With Car… After Jumping on Vehicle

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When you’re drunk and dancing in the street at Palmer Festival, I guess this is the kind of thing that seems like a logical idea. The best thing has to be that her drunk, cocky attitude has diminished and been replaced with embarrassment. Lucky for her, the car was going at a ridiculously slow speed. Ironically, it didn’t really look like it based on how she hit that car and dropped to the ground.

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[UPDATE] Drunk Woman Attacks Local Restaurant Man With Stiletto and Cracks His Skull (San Francisco)


UPDATE: April 11th, 2012 @ 1:05 PM – The suspect has been identified thanks to the internet and social networking. The police are moving forward with an investigation and updates will follow if I hear any more information in regards to the situation and/or the suspect’s name. 

Matt Meidinger, the general manager at Jasper’s Corner Tap & Kitchen and the former manager at Clock Bar is trying to find a belligerently drunk woman who slammed her stiletto onto his head before fleeing the scene in a cab. You would think everything would be fine, but Meidinger spent the night in the Emergency Room (or at least he tweeted that he did) on Saturday evening. He also stated that the reason for his ER visit was because the drunk blonde “cracked [his] skull”. 

Grub Street contacted the victim, Matt Meidinger, who wrote into them and explained his side of the story, which happened outside the Balboa Café, and in front of several witnesses.

We wrapped up our one beer at Balboa and walked out to try and grab a cab. While standing there a woman (who I understand to have also just left Balboa) bent down to take off her black Louboutin‘s and put on flip flops for the trip home. As she was doing this (in the middle of a very busy sidewalk) a man passing by accidentally kicked one of her shoes. Not down the street or anything, just bumped it with his own shoe. She started yelling at him and as he turned around to apologize with his hands already up in the air a good sized man with her punched him! I was standing a few feet away and watched the whole thing happen. I spoke up and said, “Whoa! Take it easy! Kicking a shoe doesn’t equal a punch in the face, Louboutin’s or not!” As the guy turned around to tell me to mind my own business the woman ran up and said, “Yes, it does!” and came down on top of my head with her heels. Blood immediately started pouring down the left side of my face so I pulled out my phone and called the police. At that point another of her guys (she was with two men, both early 30′s between 6’2″ and 6’5″, 230-260lbs) ran over and told me to get off the phone. I said no and started to back away. He then punched me, grabbed my phone from me and threw it across the street. A random man on the street ran up and gave me his phone at that time insisting that I call the police back (This guy stayed the whole time, gave a thorough statement and did all he could to help. I don’t know his name, but I owe him a big thank you). At this point the two guys had both started fights with my two friends while I was running around on a strangers phone with the police while trying to keep an eye on the woman who was frantically running away. In the confusion, all three of them got away before the police had a chance to arrive.

Obviously, he is trying to find any information he cane, because someone has to cover the hospital bill as well as take responsibility for cracking a guy’s skull with her damn stiletto. It’s pretty impressive that she was able to hit him so hard, considering how drunk (according to many) she was. If you have any information at all, let Meidinger know, you can  Contact him here. He’s offering a $500 reward.


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[VIDEO] Girl Hits Bird With Car And FREAKS Out

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I hit a bird with my car, and possibly overreacted. Since then, I honk for birds, slow brake for dogs, speed up for squirrels, and swerve for gnats.

[VIDEO] Chinese Child Ran Over: Crowd Lifts SUV To Save Her Life

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Chinese Crowd Lifts SUV to Rescue Run Over Child in Wenzhou

This video comes just months after the video that shocked many people across many countries of passer-by’s in China who avoided Yue Yue, a 2-year-old girl after she was ran over…twice. It is literally like you are watching two completely different groups of people that have opposing beliefs as far as morals and compassion are concerned. Well, in fact, they are.

This video shows a 5-year-old girl who is protesting going to Kindergarten. Her mother (I’m assuming) gets fed up with her attitude and resistance and walks away while she throws a temper tantrum in the middle of the street. Quickly after she walks away, an SUV drives her way and runs over the small girl. Yet, in this video as opposed to the video of Yue Yue, the woman immediately stops. Around 16 people, including the young girl’s mother,  came to help lift the SUV and remove the girl from underneath. Although she was taken to the hospital, they found no injuries and released her to go to school.

People walked by when Yue Yue needed help and she ended up dying because of the injuries that were inflicted as well as the delayed response to helping her out. And, however, this girl lived because of the urgency that 16 people who were around had at the time. This is incredibly sad and difficult to understand.

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VIDEO: Boy Smashed In Face With Line Drive During Mets & Marlins Game

The young boy was at the game between between the Florida Marlins and New York Mets. He was hit at the very end of the game “when Florida’s Greg Dobbs hit a ninth-inning liner into the right-field seats, just beyond the New York dugout.” He was bleeding heavily and had to be taken out by a wheelchair before eventually being transferred to an ambulance. His mother was with him during this time.

Following the final out of New York’s 2-1 victory, Mets second baseman Justin Turner went over to wait for the boy by the railing. Turner took off his jersey and handed it over as a souvenir. New York manager Terry Collins also came over, and Dobbs gave the boy a bat.

Juan Nicasio Hit In Head By Line Drive

Rockies pitcher, Juan Nicasio, was hit in the head by a line drive during the Nationals game.


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