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[VIDEO] Crazy Hit and Run Driver Sends Teen Flying Through The Air


This video was released by The Buffalo Police Department and shows 18-year-old, Victor Jerez, along with two other friends trying to run out-of-the-way of the vehicle. Unfortunately, Jerez wasn’t so lucky, and was struck by the vehicle and then thrown into the air. The other two friends that were with Jerez were lucky enough to avoid the car, driven by 19-year-old Tornubari Gbaraba.

Five minutes after the incident, the driver was already on the police’s radar, and a high-speed chase took place before they were able to arrest the suspect.

Buffalo Mayor Bryan Brown said, “The footage is extremely graphic,” but explained he was releasing the video to address the apparent spike of hit-and-run incidents (including the death of a 14-year-old boy on his bike) the city has seen lately, “The purpose for showing this video footage is to dramatize how dangerous hit and run accidents are.”

While you may be thinking that Jerez suffered from fatal injuries, this is where his luck began to change. He left the hospital shortly after arriving and being treated for his injuries. Along with that, Gbaraba, has been charged with assault, reckless driving and fleeing from a police officer.



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