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[VIDEO] Caine’s Arcade: An Inspirational Story About a Boy and His Arcade


Caine Monroy is a 9-year-old boy who wanted an arcade, and instead of waiting for it to come to him, he built it… from cardboard. His dad has a used auto parts store in East LA and has provided the space that Caine needs to run his arcade. For awhile he had few customers, but since Nirvan came into his life, everything has changed. This young man is smart, creative, eager, motivated, and very hard-working. It is so nice to see someone recognize this boy for what he’s accomplished and shared it with the world who can also appreciate all of his effort.

If you want to support Caine and donate to his scholarship fund, please do so HERE. The smart young man has already raised $28,229 and Nirvan is hoping he will reach $100,000.

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Honey-Soaked Naked Girls Were Filmed By Pastor

The Smoking GunUsing a hidden video camera, a Texas man filmed four naked, honey-drenched teenage girls while they showered at a church where he worked as a youth pastor.

But since the statute of limitations has already expired, prosecutors today were forced to dismiss felony charges lodged against Thomas Fortenberry, who allegedly did the surreptitious filming in November 2007 at the Greater Harvest Community Church in Pasadena.

The 30-year-old Fortenberry, investigators alleged, organized a “Fear Factor” game that included honey being poured over four girls he had picked to participate. After the contest, Fortenberry instructed the minors that they “could take a shower and wash the honey” off their bodies.

It was at this point that he allegedly videotaped the four teenagers with a camera he had hidden in the church bathroom.

Investigators learned about the filming from one of the girls, who eventually went on to date Fortenberry. “When they became closer and it looked like they might be married,” Fortenberry, pictured above, told the victim, now 21, “that he had secretly videotaped her taking a shower” at the church.

The woman, who was 17 at the time of the “Fear Factor” incident, added that Fortenberry confessed to secretly videotaping three other girls (two 15-year-olds and a 17-year-old). When confronted by a police officer, Fortenberry would not deny having filmed the teenagers. “The defendant would only say that he has done things that he should not have done.”

Either way, Texas prosecutors today announced that they could not pursue charges against Fortenberry since the incident occurred more than three years ago, beyond the statute of limitations for the improper photography/visual recording count. The felony complaints, which were filed against Fortenberry on August 4, were dismissed today by the Harris County District Attorney’s office.


Day 2: The Master Cleanse

Hamburger Mary's #7271
Image by Nemo’s great uncle via Flickr

Today is the second day of my Master Cleanse. I know I had initially said I was going to attempt 13 days, but I have chosen to do 10 days with a 3 day transition back into eating foods. Already I’ve noticed that my stomach is smaller (due to not having ingested any real substance in over 24 hours, most likely), and my energy level isn’t too bad. Last night I was struggling with my hunger because just about every damn commercial that came on revolved around food: taco bell, Kate Plus 8 eating dim sum (mmmmm), subway, quiznos, i could go on and on, but it’s just making me remember how good it all looked. Anyway, I woke up this morning and wasn’t too hungry, which I was thrilled about.

Now I’m at work and thinking about the fact that tonight I’m going to Bingo at hamburger Mary’s. No drinking. No eating. This is going to be hard. Not to mention, tomorrow a friend is coming over to cook us dinner (which I can’t eat) AND it just so happens to be Labor Day Weekend. I mean, there is going to be an abundance of food and drinks this weekend, and usually, I would be ALL OVER IT. Unfortunately, I’ll have to watch as everyone enjoys and I am sipping my lemonade concoction. I know I can do it though, I just have to keep telling myself that it’s possible and I CAN do it.

Sadly though, I really wish I could substitute a lemon drop for my lemonade this evening :(

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