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[VIDEO] Google’s ‘Project Glass’ Demo


This is the first look at Google’s ‘Project Glass’ which would implement a contemporary eyewear that also functions as a full social media connection. Here, you see what Google hopes the glasses will be implemented into the daily lives of those who use them. If the functionality is as fluid as this video makes it seem, I will most certainly be purchasing a pair of these…without a doubt. Luckily, it is assumed that they will be premiering later this year, well, in beta form, that is.

People who’ve actually seen the glasses told  The New York Times that they will create a new layer for the Internet where companies can stream digital advertising possibly even layered over competitors’ real world ads. The Times also speculated how facial recognition may play a role in the glasses’ core functions, matching peoples’ faces with social network profiles for instant connections between new acquaintances.

Making these glasses a reality will most certainly give Apple someone to compete with and bring most of society into a new age, simliar to that of the cartoon, ‘The Jetsons‘. In fact, this is far beyond what I could have imagined being the reality while I was alive, but it is 100%, something I am excited to incorporate into my life. While technology can inhibit us, it can also give us advantages and simplicity that we couldn’t have dreamt of obtaining. Rather than encouraging laziness by allowing us to sit at home on the computer and removing the idea of detaching from social situations to communicate via a mobile device , it provides a more seamless connection to the internet that gets people out and about and doing things they may have forgotten they enjoyed, during the sitting social media age.


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