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Big Fish: An Office Tale


While I’ve contemplated whether I should write this article or not, I have ultimately decided it was necessary. And not because it’s something you need to hear, but because it’s something I NEED to get off my chest. There are often those people you encounter and wonder to yourself ‘why the fuck do I have to sit here and listen to the bullshit coming out of this guy’s mouth?’ Well, unfortunately, I am often forced to listen to exaggerated stories that ultimately change with each interception in the conversation, thanks to someone I’d rather not name.

The thing is, I almost always feel bad for people and attempt to understand where they’re coming from and why people are so rude or ignore them. And that’s exactly what I did to get myself into this situation… along with working alongside him at the same company, which trust me, was not a decision I made.

This man is also one who knows everything, which I find quite odd considering how much I know, which is everything. Okay, fine, so I don’t know everything, but I’d like to feel that I’ve definitely researched some stuff and had one up on him, but apparently my facts are inaccurate. Well, not just my facts, but those coming from CNN, BBC, and other sources of unreliable media. I can’t believe how incredibly stupid I have been and was unaware of until this man happened to point out my lacking devotion to the truth.

And to be quite honest, this wouldn’t be quite as aggravating if he didn’t refuse to stop talking. I really feel he keeps dialogue streaming from his mouth to sound cool or somehow show that he has some valuable information or wealth of knowledge coming….up….next. But, no. Just noise that goes on and on and on and keeps me from working and instead, concentrating on how much I wish he were an Avox (reference to ‘The Hunger Games’: Avoxes have their tongues removed). Well, he’s telling me a story now, so let me step back into reality and try to make sense of the amazing story about something miraculous that happened to him in life that ironically brought him to know something better than me, when I stated that our economy wasn’t looking so good.


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[VIDEO] Kristin, Employee At News Station Caught On Camera: Awkward

Screen shot 2012-02-24 at 12.30.40 PM

Everyone and their mom have been posting this lately, so I figured I should at least share with all of you. Apparently, Kristin was copying some papers before realizing that they had gone Live and she had nowhere to go. Watch her in the background be incredibly awkward.


The Employee At The Gas Station


The employee at the gas station is a bitch. Every time I go into this particular gas station by my work lately, this woman is the one working and is rude as all hell. Not only has she completely forgotten how to smile or be courteous to customers, but she refuses to do anything to help anyone. Right around Christmas time there was an elderly man who had asked her if she knew where a credit union and Fry’s were. Without hesitation, she simply said ‘No.’ The thing that struck me as odd is I saw her iPhone sitting there and she could have very easily helped an elderly man trying to get money during Christmastime. Lazy piece of crap. I, on the other hand, helped this man and his wife, who then gave me a hug and was more appreciative than you would imagine.

Today she pissed me off, yet again, and I have to get this off my chest. I am 25-years-old and a smoker. I’ve tried to quit and will eventually, but until then, I need to buy cigarettes. I have shown this bitch my ID well over 20 times, and for some reason she keeps insisting on seeing it, as if I have miraculously aged in reverse or something. Anyway, today I forgot my ID at home and had my expired license. She noticed that the ID was expired and refused to sell me the cigarettes, despite the fact that she is well aware that I’ve been legally able to buy smokes for seven years. And THEN, for the first time ever, I saw that dumb bitch crack a smile as I asked her if she was kidding.

Well you know what bitch, karma will not be kind to you. And I, most certainly, will not.

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DA: Yogurt store owner put naked employee in box

ALHAMBRA, Calif. — The owner of a Southern California yogurt shop has been charged with attacking an employee, removing her clothes, binding her with tape and locking her in a box.

Los Angeles County prosecutors say Robert Yachen Lee allegedly attacked the woman Wednesday morning after luring her into an upstairs storage room at the Monterey Park shop. The woman blacked out. When she woke up she was naked, except for an adult diaper, bound with tape with a collar around her neck and lying face down in a box that had been placed in a soundproofed storage room.

The woman managed to free herself and call police.

Lee was charged Friday with kidnapping to commit rape and attempted murder. He’s being held on $10 million bail.

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I really wish there was more to this story because I am left insanely confused. First of all, why the hell did he put a diaper on her? Was he planning on leaving her in there for awhile and didn’t want her to pee in the box? Because that just seems odd. I mean, kidnapping an employee, stripping them and keeping them as a pet in a box is pretty fucking odd too, but what purpose does the diaper serve?

Also, how was she bound? Because she was obviously able to get out pretty easily. Where were you while she was making this escape Mr. Lee? You kidnap someone and then just leave? I need to know more. I am unsatisfied, disturbed, and very confused.

Regardless, you’re a sick piece of shit and I hope to God that while you’re in jail on that $10 million (holy *%$*@&^$ shit!) bond, that you decide to come clean and answer some of the questions I have asked. And, I hope that you’re ass gets raped so hard that you’re forced to wear an adult diaper. Why? You tell me.


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