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Charles Wesley Arrested: 71-Year-Old Graffiti Grandpa Identified As Florida Street Vandal

Mr. Charles Wesley is just about the coolest elderly man, in my opinion. Wesley has been tagging “SLA” on utility poles for six years around the Dundee and Clearwater neighborhoods in Florida.

Unfortunately, people weren’t as thrilled with this grandpa going around town and tagging, and made reports to officers about the man’s description. On Sunday morning, someone had called the police about an elderly man tagging in front of a vacant lot, and the man matched descriptions of the “SLA” culprit.

To authorities surprise, the intitals stand for “Sane Liberation Army,” a group Wesley believes will overtake the U.S. economy once it completely collapses. They had previously thought that it was referring to Symbionese Liberation Army, a radical 1970s group that gained fame by kidnapping newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst, which may be what led them to not notice the elderly Wesley.

Even at his age, he was charged with felony criminal mischief, and without having the funds to afford a lawyer is being held on $5,000 bail. Let’s hope they realize that this man is old enough and doesn’t need to be spending his last few moments in jail, because quite frankly, who knows how many more he has.



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