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Jason Russell, KONY 2012 Filmmaker, Addresses Naked Meltdown and Gay Rumors With Oprah Winfrey


NY Daily News -                                                SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO BELOW

Seven months after he became a household name, Jason Russell is hoping to be a viral sensation once again – preferably with his clothes on this time.

After shooting to fame with the release of his film “Kony 2012” in March, which racked up 100 million YouTube views in less than a week, Russell eclipsed his own project just 10 days later when a video of his naked meltdown on a San Diego street corner exploded online. (Click here to see that video)

Now the controversial filmmaker is back with a new movie about the Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, and he wants to set the record straight about his former flameout.

“It’s hard to explain if people have never had an out of body experience, but it really wasn’t me,” he told Oprah of his meltdown, in an interview for “Oprah’s Next Chapter” that aired on Sunday. “That wasn’t me, that person on the street corner ranting and raving and naked, is not me. That’s not who I am.”

Russell says the wild success of the video led him to feel intense pressure that caused him to break down.

“My mind couldn’t stop thinking about the future. I literally thought I was responsible for the future of humanity,” he told the “Today” show on Monday. “It started to go into a point where my mind finally turned against me and there was a moment where, click, I was not in control of my mind or my body.”

Though he says he only remembers a few details of his dramatic public episode, Russell believes he was trying to hitch a ride.

“I thought, ‘I have to get to New York in the next 12 hours.’ That’s what I thought,” he told Oprah. “’Because I have to stop the war.’ So I ran out to the front and I think I was trying to ask cars to take me to the airport. In my underwear.”

Russell says he has no idea why he was naked.

“It was just very out of control,” he told Oprah, showing her that he pounded his hands on the street so hard he actually dented his wedding ring. “I look at that video and I think, how sad for him.”

When asked if he was gay, he said he was simply “theatrical” and denied rumors that he had performed a lewd act during his meltdown.

“There were rumors of masturbation, but no one who was there ever said that that was happening,” he told Oprah, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m naked so it’s not a far extension of imagination that that would be happening but, no, I don’t remember any of that, and no one we knew there said that I was. I don’t remember anything except like a half-second. I don’t.”

Russell was later diagnosed as having a psychotic breakdown that caused temporary insanity, and says he has been doing yoga and therapy to recover.

“It’s hard for my wife to even talk about it still because it was so scary and traumatizing,”he told the Today show.

He says he’s going to be more watchful of his health this time around, as he promotes Invisible Children’s new film “Move,” which made its YouTube debut on Sunday. The film, which promises a behind-the-scenes look at KONY 2012, asks supporters to march against Joseph Kony on Washington on November 17.

“I don’t think anything can compete with the perfect storm of KONY 2012,” he said, “but we do hope that millions of people do see this next film and know that we’re still committed.”


What do you think? Is he being honest or doing his best to cover up a completely embarrassing story that may have impacted his KONY 2012 campaign of sorts. It’s hard to know because, as he said himself, he’s “theatrical”:

Hollywood Reporter - When Winfrey asked the married filmmaker about rumors he’s gay (“that you were running in the streets nude because you were gay”), he laughed, saying: “I grew up in theater, my parents started a large children’s theater organization, so I am animated, I am … theatrical. That’s me by nature. So when you take me, times it by ten … .” 

Jason Russell: Why the Kony 2012 Phenomenon Was Like a Tsunami

Within 24 hours of its release online, the Invisible Children documentary Kony 2012 had more than a million views. In a week, it reached 100 million. Filmmaker Jason Russell says that what started as a wave became a tsunami. Watch as he explains what was going through his mind when the film became a phenomenon.

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[VIDEO] Cops Seen Planting Drugs In Vehicle


If you watch this video, be sure to watch 1:00-1:05. During this time, the officer’s dash cam captures him planting drugs in the vehicle that he has pulled over. What a complete dumbass. If you’re planning on planting drugs in the vehicle, you better damn well make sure that you don’t do it in the view of you OWN dash cam. Not that he should have any planted the drugs in the first place, but lucky for this guy, the cop was dumb enough to prove his guilt.

YouTube -

UPD Caught on Tape – On February 11, 2011 UPD pulled over a couple on the corner of Oneida Street and Clinton Place. The video shows Utica Police Officers Palladino and (correction) Padulla working together to accomplish what is seen in the video.

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Bolivian Drug-Smugglers Attempt To Hide Mass Amounts Of Cocaine With Swastika Wrapping


Instead of packing the bricks of cocaine into a bag or stitching it into some clothing, these guys have gone balls out and simply wrapped their drugs in swastikas. Maybe they were under the impression that no one felt they would be that stupid, but sadly, they obviously are.

A van carrying 204kg of cocaine in brick-type moulds plastered with the Nazi stamp is the latest bust, as authorities attempt to stamp down on the raging drug trade.

Special Counter-Narcotics Police Force (Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Narcotrafico – FELCN) intercepted the van that was carrying this well disguised cocaine and the driver was arrested after the contents were discovered.

Good luck in the future to Bolivian drug smugglers who took a dangerous risk of being open and honest about what they were doing. Point of this bust is that if you’re going to smuggle drugs, you should probably wrap it in something that more people will agree with. At least, that’s what I took out of it.


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What’s Better Than Wine? Weed Wine!

Seeing as I thoroughly enjoy wine, and also like me some marijuana, this is the perfect combination for someone like me. It’s also a great way to avoid inhaling marijuana which can often be harsh and more unhealthy that ingesting or vaporizing. Another great advantage? If you enjoy this during Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, or any holiday really, not a single family member would know that you were getting high off you ass. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.

Huff Post Food: 

Matthew Kronsberg on Gourmet Live writes that pot-infused wines are an open secret in wine country. He explains:

Adjusted for volume, “special” wines can range from under a pound of marijuana per 59-gallon barrel to over 4 pounds per barrel. The result is a spectrum ranging from a gentle, almost absinthe-like effect to something verging on oenological anesthetic.

Good wine deserves to be paired with good food, so perhaps a dish using homemade cannabis flour is the perfect match. Want something a little more exotic? Try bhang ki thandai, mad’joun or mie aceh, dishes from India, Morocco and Indonesia that all incorporate weed.

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[VIDEO] American Juggalo: A GREAT Short Documentary On The Juggalo Gathering

Earlier today I hesitated when I was told I should watch this video, but I must admit that it was not only worth watching, but so good, that I felt compelled to share it with whomever I could. The individuals that are featured in this short film are definitely entertaining and are the most colorful people I have ever seen or heard from. The language is explicit and clothing is absent at times, on the females, of course. Even if you’re not intrigued and don’t care to click ‘Play’, I encourage you to just do it, or come back later and make time for it. YOU WILL NOT regret it. This was posted 4 days ago and has quickly started gaining recognition. Everything about it: the editing, the directing, the producing, and the filming are extraordinary.

American Juggalo is a look at the often mocked and misunderstood subculture of Juggalos, hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans who meet once a year for four days at The Gathering of the Juggalos.

We went to The Gathering of the Juggalos and let the Juggalos speak their minds.

I hope you enjoy it.


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VIDEO: Is Lindsay Lohan Buying Cocaine?!

Lindsay Lohan was spotted at Hal’s in Venice. It appears that a gentleman brings a bag of something to her and her friend, who inspects the bag. Shortly after the inspection, she is seen exchanging money with another guy for the bag. What do you think?

Lee County Inmate Caught With Drug Stash in Vagina

Angela Lynn Palmer, 37, was being brought in the Lee County Jail when crack cocaine apparently fell from her Vagina. It was at this time that Palmer decided to let officers know that the clear tube wasn’t the only item stored in her cooch purse. Shortly after, an orange tube then fell from her vagina, which was then followed by another clear tube.

She wasn’t just smuggling in the crack cocaine (2 rocks were found within the orange tube), she was also trying to bring in a tool to be able to smoke the substance while in prison. Each clear tube was identified as being used to smoke the substance found in the orange tube.

Her initial charges included, “trespassing, counterfeit identification, drug possession, and tampering with evidence.” And now, because of this botched smuggling she has also been charged with “possession of cocaine, possession of drug equipment, and introduction of contraband into a correctional facility.”

I’ve heard many stories of contraband, money, etc. falling from vagina’s. It seems obvious that this is a bad place to hide such items. Unless you plan on sewing that shit up, you should really just use your vag for pissing and screwing; Have friends and relatives take the risk and bring that stuff to you once you’re already safely behind bars, where it’s much easier to get away with.


While Fishing, Man Finds Brick of Unknown Substance, Snorts It, And Dies

WPBF – “Thomas Swindal, 53, was offshore on Marathon when he and his brother Kenneth discovered a brick of an unknown substance, possibly cocaine, floating in the water.”

They had taken the substance and placed it in a bait well. Apparently, a short time later, Thomas had noticed that his brother was behind him and was snorting the substance.

Kenneth told investigators that about 90 minutes later, Thomas began running around the boat, throwing things into the water, including a cell phone and a VHF radio. Thomas also picked up knives, pliers and a gaff and removed the cowling from the engine, which fell overboard and sank, leaving the brothers stranded.

To avoid further dangers, Kenneth said he tossed all remaining sharp objects into the water, as well as the package of the mysterious substance. Kenneth then climbed to the top of the boat to signal for help.

A passing vessel picked the men up, and arrangements were made for paramedics to meet them at shore.

Thomas Swindal was rushed to Fishermen’s Hospital, then transferred to South Miami Hospital, where he died on Thursday.

Afghanistan’s President Delivers News Of His Brother Killed By His Bodyguard

In this file photo from 2010, Ahmed Wali Karzai, half brother of Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai, gestures during an interview with The Associated Press in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s powerful half brother, who critics claimed had ties to the drug world as well as to U.S. intelligence, was assassinated Tuesday by one of his own bodyguards in southern Afghanistan.

Ahmed Wali Karzai was shot twice — once in the head and once in the chest — by the bodyguard, according to hospital officials. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the killing.

A person who witnessed the assassination told The Associated Press that a member of Wali Karzai’s private security team killed him with an AK-47. The individual, who declined to be identified, said other bodyguards quickly gunned down the assassin.

Wali Karzai, who held sway over the old Taliban capital Kandahar in the country’s south, was a controversial figure whose activities had long been a problem for his brother, the president.

Although a motive for the killing had not been established, NPR’s Quil Lawrence, speaking from Kabul, said Wali Karzai had no shortage of enemies.

“It’s probably safe to say that it’s impossible to be on top in Kandahar without making a lot of enemies,” Lawrence said. “There had been many attempts against him in the past several years,” he said, adding that the Taliban “saw him as a symbol of the corrupt … puppet government of the West.

“It also bears repeating that last year in The New York Times, there were allegations that Ahmed Wali Karzai had been a CIA asset,” Lawrence said.

The killing came just hours before Hamid Karzai held a news conference with French President Nicolas Sarzoky.

“This morning my younger brother Ahmed Wali Karzai was murdered in his home,” the Afghan president said. “Such is the life of Afghanistan’s people. In the houses of the people of Afghanistan, each of us is suffering, and our hope is that, God willing, to remove this suffering from the people of Afghanistan and implement peace and stability.”

While Wali Karzai was undoubtedly a key power broker in the country’s southern heartland, he had always denied charges of being on the CIA payroll or involved in drug trafficking. Members of the international community had urged Hamid Karzai to remove his brother from his powerful provincial position, saying it was essential if he was to prove to the Afghan people that he was committed to good governance.

NPR’s Lawrence said some years ago, he spoke to a Western diplomat who is close to President Karzai. “He said at the time … that President Karzai himself was at a loss of what to do.”

The president essentially said, ” ‘This is my brother, I can’t move against him.’ Here in Afghanistan, these family ties are extremely important. What might be seen as cronyism on the outside is essentially seen as doing what is owed to one’s family,” Lawrence said.

Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani condemned the killing in a statement, calling it an “act of cowardice” and offering his condolences to the president.

Noorolhaq Olomi, a former parliament member from Kandahar, said Wali Karzai was the most powerful man in southern Afghanistan.

“I cannot say whether this was political or personal or some other matter,” Olomi said. “But whoever did it, it shows the weakness of this government. The president needs to change things. He needs to change himself and build a government that is real. Right now, there is no government. It’s all a fraud.”

Rangina Hamidi, a resident of Kandahar and daughter of the city’s mayor, said Wali Karzai is survived by five children — two sons and three daughters. She said his youngest son was born about a month ago.

“It is his one-month-old child who is never going to see his father that I cry about,” she said, sobbing on the phone. “How many orphans and widows are we creating in this country?”

Wali Karzai had been the target of multiple assassination attempts. In May 2009, his motorcade was ambushed by insurgents firing rockets and machine guns in eastern Nangarhar province. One of Wali Karzai’s bodyguards was killed, but he was not harmed.

That attack came less than two months after four Taliban suicide bombers stormed Kandahar’s provincial council office, killing 13 people in an assault that Wali Karzai said was aimed at him. A Taliban spokesman said the attack targeted the general compound. The president’s brother had left the building a few minutes before that attack.

Wali Karzai also survived a November 2008 attack on the provincial council offices while the group was inside hearing constituent complaints. A suicide bomber drove an oil tanker up to the council’s offices and blew up the vehicle, killing six people and wounding more than 40. Two members of the provincial council were wounded but Wali Karzai was unharmed.

NPR’s Quil Lawrence in Kabul and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The body gaurd didn’t really take his job all that seriously, obviously. Next time someone in this family wants to hire someone, they should definitely check their references and at the very least, make sure they’re not in the Taliban.

Source: http://www.npr.org/2011/07/12/137783098/afghan-official-afghan-presidents-brother-killed?sc=fb&cc=fp

Man who is high on bath salts burns his “possessed” 5 year old!

  —Johnny Salazar was arrested in Arizona yesterday after he burned his 5-year-old son’s hand and wrist with a lighter thinking he was possessed. Of course he did this because he was on America’s favorite gonzo drug, bath salts. When will people cut the bath salts out, already?

Apparently Salazar saw his son touch his mother’s Bible, which meant the kid was possessed which meant he had to burn him with a Bic to save him. It all makes perfect sense! At least in Salazar’s twisted mind. Now both of his children are living with their mother, who shares custody of the two boys.

When are people going to realize that bath salts make you do really fucked up shit? If you’re not setting your kid on fire, then you’re killing a goat in your panties or running from the cops thinking you’re made of electricity. Seriously, everyone, cut this out. It’s sad when you make using meth seem like an intelligent alternative.

This is the reason I don’t get high when children are around. We all know children are possessed when they’ve touched a Bible, right?! And the only time anyone has the gall to do anything is when they’re high. Therefore, kids (ones who touch Bibles) and bath salts (or any drugs for that matter), do NOT mix.

Source: http://gawker.com/5818266/man-high-on-bath-salts-burns-his-possessed-5+year+old

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