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Bravo Annouces New Show: ‘Most Eligible Dallas’

There is a new showing that will be airing on Bravo, August 15th at 10pm: ‘Most Eligible Dallas’. It will feature these young, hot single girls and guys from Dallas and follow them on their day to day (or night to night). I know you may be thinking that this sounds familiar (Jersey Shore, Real World, etc.), but in fact these individuals already KNEW each other. So you see? It’s different.

Either way, they’re bound to start showing up in magazines, so you better get to know them. Here are the bios from Bravo:

Matt Nordgren: Matt is an all-American, blue-eyed Texan charmer.  Formerly a quarterback at the University of Texas, Matt signed to play football professionally, until an injury shifted his path. Today, the ambitious 28-year old is partner in the family energy business. When it comes to the ladies, Matt definitely plays the field, but isn’t a player. Though often seen with a different girl on his arm, Matt is intrigued by the possibilities of an old fling, Neill Sklyer, who moves back to the city.  His best friend, Courtney Kerr, calls herself Matt’s “gatekeeper” and definitely voices her disapproval of the women Matt surrounds himself with.

Courtney Kerr: An outspoken Southern Belle, Courtney’s keen fashion sense reflects her personality: fun, vibrant and unique. She enjoys working closely with Dallas-based jewelry designer and regularly attends fashion shows, claiming fashion is her drug.  Courtney is determined to find true love, though her best friend, Matt Nordgren, is convinced that her standards are too high and unrealistic. She claims to have only platonic feelings for Matt, but is always quick to dismiss the women in his life.

Glenn Pakulak: A punter for the Oakland Raiders, Glenn has been enjoying the distractions in Dallas while waiting to see if the NFL lockout will be lifted.  A guy’s guy with an unusually keen fashion sense, he energetically throws himself into everything he does.  After ending a four-year relationship that couldn’t survive the long distance, Glenn has realized that he’s nowhere near ready to settle down.  His effortless charm wins the ladies over; however his “two-date maximum” prevents anyone from getting too close. When the ex –girlfriend comes into town, Glenn is reminded of the good that came with being in a relationship and will have to decide if he should stick with the single life or rekindle a past romance.

Drew Ginsburg: Drew speaks his mind and wears his heart on his sleeve.  A proud gay man, he prefers cars to couture. Drew works in the family business, which owns Boardwalk Auto Group and controls 10 car dealerships throughout the Dallas/Forth Worth area and in San Francisco. Over the past nine years, Drew has been on a remarkable weight loss journey, losing over 200 pounds.  Tired of unfulfilling flings and short-lived relationships, Drew is determined to settle down and start a family. Drew also deals with unresolved feelings for an ex boyfriend and in order to move on, must resolve if there is anything left between the two.

Tara Harper: With her bright blonde hair and curvaceous figure, Tara is the quintessential Dallas girl. She has gained financial independence as the Executive Vice President of Sales for her family’s manufacturing company, however, her real passion is her charity. Tara has called off four engagements in the past, but hasn’t given up the hope that her soul mate is still out there. Tara has a long list of rules about dating, which may contribute to her difficulty in finding the right guy. With a pattern of jumping from one relationship to the next, Tara is planning to be single a while, but finds that she has to reconsider when a friend becomes something more.

Neill Skylar: After moving away at the young age of 18 to support herself as a musician and actress in Los Angeles and New York City, Neill has returned to her hometown. She is quickly re-acclimating to Dallas, while embracing her most important role as a new mom. The singer/songwriter is working hard to gain recognition for her new band. She lives with her 1-year old son and believes that one can still have fun and be a hot mama. Neill is trying to find her place in Dallas with the help of long-time friend, Matt Nordgren. Though Neill and Matt both say they aren’t looking for something serious, the two can’t deny their chemistry.


For more info visit: http://www.bravotv.com/most-eligible-dallas/

MTV’s Series ‘Teen Wolf’ Has Been Picked Up For Season 2

I may be somewhat biased with this post, and I just have to let you know that up front. A friend of mine worked on the first season, and we have watched every episode. Seeing it get picked up is good news for not only the audience that has fallen in love with it, but also my friend who will have a job to go back to!

After the initial air date the show has been hugely successful. “It’s currently MTV’s highest rated new series of 2010 and 2011, attracting an average of about 1.7 million total viewers to its weekly new episodes airing on Monday nights,” as stated by The Hollywood Reporter.

Congratulations to those who were working on the show, those acting within the show and the audience who can look forward to a second season in 2012!

Source: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/mtvs-teen-wolf-captures-second-210855

An Introduction

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is not important, but why I am writing a blog is. I am here to give the most updated news on current trending topics. It may not be first, and it won’t be last…but it WILL be opinionated. I do not expect anyone to agree, nor I am trying to make people disagree. I simply would like to share how I feel about these over publicized celebrities and the stories we read about them. Stay tuned as I hope to give new insight into this troubled generation, which I have to admit, I love being apart of :)

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