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Nephew Gouged Out Uncle’s Eyes Out After Fight Over TV Remote On New Year’s Eve


Exulam Holman, 32, got so angry on New Year’s Eve with his Uncle, Melvin Clifford, 62, that he gouged out his eyes before pushing him down the stairs. The fight had initially begun when they had an argument over the remote control.

Apparently both Holman and his uncle lived in the home together. After the victim, Clifford, was able to call 911, police officers had come to the home and were able to get more details.

A sheriff’s deputy found him at the bottom of the basement stairs with his hands stretched in front of him and blood streaming from his face, saying ”Please help. I cannot see’ according to a the sheriff’s  report.

Mr Clifford’s eyeballs were swollen, dislocated and protruding a quarter-inch from his sockets.

The victim told police that his nephew, Exulam Holman, 32, with whom he lives, broke the remote and pushed him to the kitchen floor.

He said Holman then straddled him and ‘inserted his thumbs into his eyes … and attempted to pry the eyeballs out of the sockets,’ before pushing him down the stairs. The report noted that Holman weighs 280 pounds, about 140 pounds more than his uncle, and is 5 inches taller

Holman wasn’t willing to go easy and was found locked in a bedroom. Luckily, he was arrested for aggravated domestic battery without causing any more fights. He was later held on $1 million bond.

Along with the aggravated domestic battery, he was charged with battery of a person over the age of 60, which holds the same punishment for the first charge, 3 to 7 years in prison.

Sadly, Mr. Clifford will forever be blind in his left eye, and after an operation will only have slight vision in his right eye.

Holman and his uncle live outside Joliet, which is about 40 miles southwest of Chicago

In 1999, Holman allegedly was beaten by a Joliet police officer who was breaking up a dice game, the newspaper reported. He eventually received a $100,000 settlement from the city, and the officer was fired.

Wow. He won a $100,000 settlement and is still off fucking around and beating the crap out of an elderly man, his very own Uncle. This little shit finally got what he’s always deserved and will have to deal with prison life for what he’s done; Not just to his Uncle, but for all the other crap he probably got away with.


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Man Tried To Light Fiance On Fire After She Refused Him Money For Alcohol

The 31-year-old man from Orlando, Florida, John Luther, was apparently pissed that his fiance refused him money for more alcohol, and decided he would seek revenge.

Mr. Luther poured gas onto his fiance’s head before setting the pillow she was sleeping upon, on fire. If he thought that she would for some reason change her mind by being set on fire, he was wrong.

His fiancée was able to escape being burned and 31-year-old Luther beat out the flames with his hands before storming out of the house to go drinking.

His fiancée then fell asleep on the couch, and was later woken by Luther when he returned, who told her their home was on fire and full of smoke.

After police had arrived on the scene, they became suspicious of the circumstances due to the fact that the female smelled of gasoline. The woman was instructed to say nothing by her fiance who just attempted to kill her, but fortunately, the police still arrested Luther on suspicion of arson.

The story seems like it would end here, but shortly after he was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor burns to his hands, he tried to escape…twice.

The first time he was found by a nurse who followed a trail of blood left by his IV line and the second time police found him waiting for a taxi outside the hospital emergency room.

Police charged Luther with attempted first-degree murder, arson of a dwelling, and violation of probation on a previous conviction in Lake County for trafficking in stolen property. 

Court records show pasts arrests for domestic violence. Luther remains held without bail in the Orange County Jail.


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Woman Tries To Cut Her Husband’s Head Off With Power Saw While He Sleeps

If you are going to attempt to murder your husband, why on earth would you choose such a gruesome end to ones life? First of all, there would most definitely be no way of claiming that this was self-defense and I’m pretty sure neighbors would either hear the power saw or man’s screams.

Police were called to Hoyt Avenue in Everett, Washington, on Friday, and found the unnamed 36-year-old still alive but his head and neck covered in bloody cuts.

When officers arrived at the  family residence they allegedly heard the husband screaming at his wife: ‘It was you, it was you - you tried to cut my head off. You’re going to jail.’

Obviously, she wasn’t too successful seeing as the man was heard SCREAMING at his wife. She was taken away and charged with domestic abuse. Sadly, I would have assumed that attempting to cut someone’s head off was more along the lines of attempted murder, but I guess I am wrong.

When interviewed by police the 43-year-old insisted that she had grabbed the power saw in the dead of night as she thought she heard an intruder escape from her daughter’s window.

However, sergeant Robert Goetz indicated that there was no sign of a break-in – a child lock prevented the window in the child’s room from opening more than a few inches.

In addition, both the front and back doors were locked from the inside.

He said: ‘There was no evidence there was an intruder.’

The husband had lacerations on his neck and the woman who claimed to have wounds on her arms, had none. Again, how did you see yourself getting away with this? Even if his head had been cut off, you would have one gruesome ass crime scene and no alibi.


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During Argument, Boyfriend Shoves Snake Shit In Girlfriend’s Mouth

In Elyria, Matthew Rudisill, 24, was arrested and charged with domestic violence after getting into an argument with his girlfriend, Amber Pennell, 21, that suddenly turned into quite an interesting dispute.

According to Pennell, her boyfriend had called her to let her know that he was going to trash her room. The two had a home together as well as a child and so she went to the shared residence to check on her room. After arriving and checking in, she quickly realized that the room had not been touched and decided to leave.

On her way out, Rudisill had blocked the door way to try to keep her in the residence. She did something that I’m sure she regrets in hindsight and grabbed the Coral Snake from its tank and told Rudisill she would let it go if he did not let her leave.

Instead, Matthew Rudisill grabbed the snake by the tail, removed excrement‘s and shoved his hand into Pennell’s mouth forcing her to gag. While returning the snake to its holding tank, he had told his girlfriend to hit him, which she did not.

Coral snake venom is highly toxic, but the species rarely bites humans unless provoked.

After the snake shit incident, he then tossed Pennell into the door frame, leaving her with a laceration and black eye before she fell to the ground with him on top of her. As she tried to move, he bit her forearm to keep her from getting off the ground. Shortly after, she was able to get free and run into the front yard where she was able to call the police.

Rudisill told police he did not strike Pennel or put snake excrement in her mouth, but he said Pennel did bite him on the hand. He could not say how it happened, the report stated.

Police arrested Rudisill at about 3:30 a.m. at their home on the 100 block of Caroline Street. After an initial court appearance Friday, Rudisill was released on a recognizance bond with a condition of staying away from Pennell and the residence.

According to a later police report, another man went to Pennell’s home at 3:45 a.m. and told her to drop the charges against Rudisill, asking if she wanted him to “dot her other eye.” Pennell had a black eye from the earlier incident.

The best thing to do if you’re innocent is to send over a buddy and let him threaten your girlfriend too. In fact, that’s probably the most brilliant way to prove your innocent and didn’t do anything. Who would believe you were capable of such violence if you sent someone to threaten to hurt her even more than she claimed she already was? Everyone dumb ass. Everyone.


The man was charged, but not yet arrested, for intimidation of a victim.

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Husband Choked Wife After Dispute Over Yahtzee Game

Ian Wood, from East Naples, Collier County, Florida, became enraged with his wife during a game of Yahtzee and began to strangle her, according to authorities.The man, 50, was arrested by police after his wife was able to call 911 and make a formal complaint.

According to the Naples Daily News, she told officers that Wood pushed her to the ground.

She said he then placed his hand over her mouth and pushed his knee into her back while telling her to stop screaming.

Wood allegedly then rolled her over, placed his hands around her throat and began choking her.

She left the home to give her husband time to cool off. Ironically, Mr. Wood told police that the story his wife had told was a lie and she had simply fallen in the hallway. Obviously, her story seemed a bit more realistic and police charged Mr. Wood with domestic battery, kidnapping/false imprisonment of an adult, resisting law enforcement officer without violence, and obstructing someone from using the 911 service.
If you’re relationship gets this violent during a game of Yahtzee, I’d think it’d probably be best to just break up. At least the game of ‘Yahtzee’ is a gamble and she was able to live; They could have been playing ‘Sorry’ and the outcome wouldn’t have been so good.


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A Fugitive Taunts Cops on Facebook Only To Get Caught

GawkerTaunting police on Facebook when they’re out searching for you is, admittedly, pretty funny. But if you’re going to do it, it’s important that you not get caught. Otherwise you end up like recently-apprehended fugitive Victor Burgos: In jail, and looking really dumb.

Burgos was wanted on domestic violence and harassment warrants in Utica, N.Y. when he posted a “video showing him walking into an unidentified NYPD stationhouse,” writing “Catch me if you can, I’m in Brooklyn.” So… they did. U.S. Marshals and NYPD arrested Burgos in a Brooklyn apartment, catching him, not coincidentally, at his laptop dicking around on Facebook. He’s now awaiting a hearing in Oneida County. And he deleted the posts from his Facebook account.

This guy is hilarious. Why in hell would you tempt the cops to come and get you, while providing them with your location? I hope he’s aware that you can’t use Facebook while in prison, since he seems to be quite enthralled with the website.

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