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[VIDEO] Ukrainian Diver Struck Dead On Vacation By Speed Boat In Egypt

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On February 13th, 2012, a Ukrainian tourist died after being struck with a speed boat‘s propeller, while on vacation in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt. The man and his friend (who filmed the incident) were staying at City Sharm Hotel, which has a 4-star rating. As the man started to come up for a breath of air, a speed boat and its propeller crashed through the man and severely cutting him. Although he was still alive after the incident, the hotel wasn’t prepared for such an incident and the Ukrainian tourist bled to death.


If you are not epileptic and feel like seeing the full 13 minutes of the incident, please see below:


Трагедия произошла в Египте 13.02.2012 г. Администрация отеля и компания Пегас никак не отреагировала на трагедию. Россияне, Украинцы да и другие братья славяне не как не защищены от хаоса этой феодальной страны. Всё это произошло практически в акватории пляжа отеля.

In English (rough translation):

The tragedy occurred in Egypt 2/13/2012, the hotel management company, and Pegasus did not react to the tragedy. Russians, Ukrainians and even other brothers Slavs are not as vulnerable to the chaos of feudal country. All this happened almost in the waters of the beach hotel.

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Best Parkour Video Out There As Of Now.

I have become very fascinated by Parkour and feel it is a great sport that some people are excelling in more than I have imagined. Although it scares me quite a bit and is seemingly dangerous, the people who can accomplish many of these moves seem to be executing something more familiar with original humanity. These individuals are taking nothing but their strength, flexibility, skill and using the environment as their course. No technology. No skateboard. No football field. Yet something about it draws me in and makes me want to watch continuously.

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Professional stuntman, gymnastics coach and free runner Damien Walters returns with his annual video: Damien Walters 2011 Showreel.

Here Damien showcases his latest stunts, flips and tricks in true creative fashion.

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