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Cops Shoot And Kill Mother While She Stabbed 4-Year-Old Disabled Daughter To Death

A woman in Northwest Atlanta has been shot and killed by police when they came across her stabbing her 4-year-old disabled daughter to death. The crazed mother refused to drop the knife and the police decided to take action.

Emergency services were called to the home yesterday afternoon after the woman’s eight-year-old son told neighbours that he had been choked by his mother and thrown out of a window. 

Having Down’s Syndrome made the poor kid highly dependent on her mother, and unfortunately, she was alone with her inside the home when she decided to stab the innocent child. Police forced their way into the home in the Carver Hills neighborhood, and came across the mother sitting in a chair and stabbing her daughter.

Two officers drew their weapons and ordered the woman to drop the knife and fired at her when she refused to comply, Meadows said. 

He said between 10 and 16 shots were fired.

While the responding officers attempted to revive the child, they are under the assumption that she was already dead on the scene. Sadly, no one knows what led this mother to do this to her children. I believe the bitch was crazy. To calmly sit in a chair and kill your child?! There is definitely some bad wiring in that woman’s small conscious-less brain.

Ms Smith said the boy was with her when they heard the shots and said: ‘I hope my mama and my little sister are all right.’

‘She was my friend and my neighbour,’ Smith told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ‘I am shocked because I didn’t know she was like this.’

Apparently the woman was 6 months behind on her $600/month rent and had no running water in her home. Both the landlord and person she had borrowed water from, had threatened to cut her off, which could be the reason the she snapped. I can imagine that the medical bills alone for her 4-year-old were rather high, yet alone, just simply providing for two children. Yet, there is no excuse for hurting your children or deciding when their lives should end. This is a tragedy and I am thankful that the woman was shot, even though it was most likely what she was hoping for. The bad news? Now her 8-year-old son has to live in a world knowing what you did and without his mother and sister, and for that, I hope there is a Hell and hope that she’s now there.


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Disabled Man Dies After Being Left in Van During Heat Wave By Social Worker

By: Kelli Knight

Eason Alonzio, 48, was found dead by police “inside a Ford van parked on Lexington Avenue, in Harlem, but are yet to confirm the exact cause of death.”

Apparently the staff had dropped all of the other passengers off but forgot about Alonzio. He was left in a Ford Van that in 90 degree weather, and it assumed that he died from being trapped in severe heat for about 6 hours.

The worker who was driving this vehicle is an absolute idiot. Mothers who leave their children is sometimes a mistake and I can understand that (somewhat), but someone whose job is to drop off people should most certainly be aware of who is still in the vehicle. Granted New York has been having a heat wave that has left several dead.

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