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VIDEO: Stage Collapse at Sugarland Concert

This video is absolutely insane. Here is a fan’s video of the stage collapsing after getting hit by a gust of wind at 70mph. It has been reported from different sources that 3-5 fans have been confirmed dead, after being crushed and several more are critically injured.

youtube: Fan video of August 13, 2011, Sugarland Concert stage collapse at Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis, IN, USA.

‘Sleepwalking’ British mother, 68, drowned in swimming pool at Cyprus villa

Dailymail - A British pensioner has drowned in her swimming pool in Cyprus after apparently falling in while sleepwalking.

Fiona Merritt, 68, was discovered in the pool by her husband John at their home in Paphos ten days ago.

The mother-of-four, described as ‘full of life’ and ‘happy go lucky’, had moved to Cyprus two years ago from Taunton, Somerset, along with her husband, 65.

Police said they were treating her death as drowning, but were trying to find out how she fell into the water at around 1.30am on August 2.

Daughter Tracy Seward said: ‘It is completely out of character for her to go outside that early – she might have been sleepwalking.

‘She was a strong swimmer and we believe she may have slipped in the pool.

‘I wish we had more answers as not knowing is the worst part.

‘Mum and dad were really excited about their move to Cyprus two years ago and they were really enjoying their time there.’

She added that her mother was devastated after finding out her brother Michael Mitchell, who she had not seen for 20 years, died from a heart attack in Tennessee, U.S. in April, but dismissed fears she may have committed suicide.

Mrs Merritt’s funeral was held in Larnaca earlier this week
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2024832/Fiona-Merritt-Sleepwalking-British-mother-68-drowned-Cyprus-villa-pool.html#ixzz1UkTx0iuj

Texas Woman, 79, Dies Days After Air Conditioner Is Stolen

Dolores Grissom, 79, has died in her home nearly two days after she reported that her air conditioning unit had been stolen. She succumbed to heat exhaustion in Oak Cliff, Texas, due to the current weather conditions that are plaguing the state.

Apparently Mrs. Grissom is far too aware of the theft because this is the 3rd time that her, and her son’s unit was stolen. It was behind the house and had a cage over it, that was locked.

A neighbor of hers, Caroline Ware, said that she had offered her home to the mother and son, but that they were comfortable in their own home and refused the offer. This is one of the many thefts that occur in this neighborhood. It is assumed that these units are taken to pawn shops, which is truly sad. This poor woman dies, while her air conditioning unit was most likely sitting in a pawn shop, unused.


Disabled Man Dies After Being Left in Van During Heat Wave By Social Worker

By: Kelli Knight

Eason Alonzio, 48, was found dead by police “inside a Ford van parked on Lexington Avenue, in Harlem, but are yet to confirm the exact cause of death.”

Apparently the staff had dropped all of the other passengers off but forgot about Alonzio. He was left in a Ford Van that in 90 degree weather, and it assumed that he died from being trapped in severe heat for about 6 hours.

The worker who was driving this vehicle is an absolute idiot. Mothers who leave their children is sometimes a mistake and I can understand that (somewhat), but someone whose job is to drop off people should most certainly be aware of who is still in the vehicle. Granted New York has been having a heat wave that has left several dead.

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