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[VIDEO] Cop Caught (Heard) Masturbating On His Own Dashcam



An embarrassing video has emerged that has ex-Santa Fe officer Sergeant Mike Eiskant masturbating in his squad car. Not only is it obvious that he’s masturbating, but he also manages to have a very dirty conversation with himself, although they seem to be directed towards a naked woman…maybe a photo?

While he shouldn’t be pleasuring himself on the job, I don’t necessarily feel this is all that bad. What is bad is the fact that more allegations of his sexual appetite have sparked some interest. A fellow police officer, Shannon Brady, has claimed that Eiskant is a known stalker of women. In fact, Brady went to far as to file a harassment complaint against the public masturbator.

“They had plenty of opportunities over the course of many years to do something about it and they refused to.’” – Brady

The worst part, is it seems that people above the Sergeant may have been aware of the situation(s), but chose not to acknowledge it.

When Eiskant was promoted to sergeant, he was given the number 69 as his badge and patrol car number, but his former compliance officer Raymond Rael insisted it could be a coincidence.

Rael said: ‘Is it possible that it is coincidental? I suppose, but I can’t speak to that issue one way or another.’



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