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[VIDEO] Seagull Laxative Prank

This is one of the most clever and cruel things I have seen. Is it wrong to laugh? I mean, in all honesty, it’s just bird shit. Don’t people consider that good luck? If you think about it, these kids are actually just making people lucky.

Sadistic Father Burns 9-Year-Old Son’s Hands And Shoves Him In Oven

By: Kelli Knight

James Moss, 53, took it upon himself to discipline his nine-year-old son, Christopher,  in one of the most sadistic and cruel manners after catching him steal $20 from his wallet.

In May of last year, James Moss caught his son stealing and took him down to the basement stating that he was going to kill him. After making the small child strip naked, he dragged him upstairs and beat him with a spatula on the back. Christopher was also punched by his father before having his hands held over the lit stove and burning his hands until the skin fell off.

Mr. Moss was still not satisfied with the torment he was causing his son and told him to get into the over because he was going to burn him alive. Obviously, Christopher was fighting for his life and begged for forgiveness, but was ultimately put into the oven.

Luckily, his father let him out and threw him out onto the doorstep of their house, naked. Even the poor boy’s sister was begging her father to let him back inside. Once inside he was treated like a dog and told to sit on the floor, much like a dog.

Shortly after this incident, Christopher’s mother took him to the hospital to be treated for burns and cuts.

While James Moss is facing a possible sentence of seven years behind bars, his son, Christopher, is begging the judge to not lock his father up and saying that he has forgiven him. Sadly, this young child probably just wants his family unit back together, but this man should pay for the sick cruelty he brought upon his son.


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Missing 8-year old Boy Who Was Missing is Found Mutilated

NBC New York's helicopter provides an aerial view of the crime scene as investigators probe the murder of an 8-year-old boy who disappeared on his way home from camp.

This poor innocent child who was lost turned to the wrong man for help, Levi Aron. This man was just going about his business when the boy approached and he figured it would be best to take him home, than help him get where he was suppose to be. Then after realizing he had kidnapped the boy (as if that wasn’t obvious), he decided to get rid of the evidence. It’s ridiculous how untrustworthy the world has become that an innocent child can’t turn to an adult and ask for help. He’s too young and naiive to know that you could harm him. Here is some of the original article:

“An 8-year-old boy who went missing after leaving day camp in Brooklyn Monday afternoon has been found dead, and police say he was snatched off the street by a stranger who later suffocated and dismembered him.

Police believe Leibby Kletzky, who would have turned 9 this month and was not used to walking home alone, had gotten lost and asked the suspect, Levi Aron, for help.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Aron told detectives that after he picked the boy up in his car and took him to his apartment, he later “panicked” after hearing about the missing person reports, which is why he killed him.

Some of the boy’s remains were found in Aron’s refrigerator, Kelly said.”

For more on this story: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/125413653.html

Disabled Young Lady Held as Sex Slave for 5 Years

A Kirkwood man arrested by the FBI on Thursday was one of four Missouri men who paid a fifth to either watch him torture a mentally disabled woman online or torture her themselves, prosecutors said.

The 20-page federal indictment, unsealed with the men’s arrests Thursday, contains accusations of sexual and physical torture lasting five years, acts that U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips called “among the most horrific ever prosecuted” in the Western District of Missouri.

The alleged torturer, Edward “Master Ed” Bagley Sr., 43, of Lebanon, Mo., tattooed the woman to mark her as his slave, convinced her that she was legally “bound” to him and threatened her, prosecutors said. He also is accused of forcing her to work as a stripper.

Bagley tortured the woman for five years, until he induced a heart attack while suffocating and electrically shocking her on Feb. 27, 2009, prosecutors said. She was hospitalized.

Her hospitalization sparked an 18-month investigation that led to the charges.

Those alleged to be customers for the woman’s forced services included Bradley Cook, 31, of the 11500 block of Big Bend Road in Kirkwood; Dennis Henry, 50, of Wheatland, Mo.; Michael Stokes, 62, of Lebanon; and James Noel, 44, of Springfield, Mo., prosecutors said. Henry’s occupation was listed as postmaster general of Nevada, Mo., but that could not immediately be confirmed Thursday evening. Cook, according to state records, is a licensed real estate broker associate.

The indictment alleges that Bagley met the woman when she was 16 and a runaway and persuaded her to move into his trailer with promises of a “great life” and a future as a model and dancer.

She got her own room, furniture and TV, and Bagley began giving her drugs, showing her pornography and sexually abusing her, prosecutors said.

When she turned 18, he persuaded her to sign a ‘sex slave contract,” which he said bound her to him for life, prosecutors claim.

Bagley “beat, whipped, flogged, suffocated, choked, electrocuted, caned, skewered, drowned, mutilated, hung and caged” the girl “to coerce her to become a ‘sex slave,’” the indictment says. It adds that he tied her up and hung her in the air, locked her in a dog cage and used staples, nails and a sewing needle and thread during torture sessions too violent to describe.

In 2005, Bagley began boasting online that the girl was his slave and could be tortured during online sessions or in person, the indictment says.

Henry, Stokes, Noel and Cook gave Bagley cash, cigarettes, computer equipment, sadomasochism videos, coats and meat in exchange for access to the girl, the indictment says.

If she cried out or tried to stop the torture, it only got worse, prosecutors said. Bagley threatened her by claiming to have buried other bodies behind his trailer home and shooting animals that she cared for in front of her, prosecutors said.

Bagley also performed abortions on the girl, the indictment says.

The indictment says Cook, the Kirkwood man, downloaded pictures and videos of the girl being tortured, gave Bagley a computer hard drive containing sadomasochism and torture videos downloaded from the Web, watched the torture live and had sex with the girl.

Court documents allege that Cook has a long history of violent behavior, sadomasochistic conduct and drug abuse and that “he tortured and sexually mutilated at least two other female victims in the past.”

A call to one of Cook’s former addresses was answered by someone who declined to answer questions about Cook and referred a reporter to Cook’s lawyer, but declined to provide a lawyer’s name.

The men could face life in prison.

This is sick and cruel. All off these men better be in prison and suffering the same type of torture that she was, although I’m sure that is impossible. She’s lucky to have survived the nearly fatal attack that ironically saved her life.

Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Penis and Throws It In The Disposal

A 48-year-old woman was in custody Tuesday for allegedly drugging her husband, tying him to a bed and cutting off his penis, then throwing it in a garbage disposal, Garden Grove police said.

Officers arrived at a home on the 14000 block of Flower Street after the victim’s wife called 911 about 9 p.m. Monday to find a man tied to a bed and bleeding from his crotch, according to a Garden Grove police news release.

Catherine Kieu Becker, 48, who identified herself as the victim’s wife, told police she had drugged her husband’s dinner to make him sleepy, then tied him to a bed.

As he awoke, she cut off his penis with a knife, tossed it in the garbage disposal and turned the disposal on.

Police untied the victim, a 51-year-old man, who was taken UCI Medical Center, where he underwent emergency surgery.

Becker was arrested on charges of aggravated mayhem, false imprisonment, assault with a deadly weapon, administering a drug with intent to commit a felony, poisoning and spousal abuse.

Police said Becker and her husband were going through a divorce and that she told officers he “deserved it.”

The severe nature of the crime led detectives to classify it as “aggravated mayhem,” an offense punishable by up to life in prison, said Garden Grove Police Lt. Jeff Nightengale.

“You’re not just depriving a person of a member or portion of their body or disfiguring them,” he said, “you’re doing something that’s so egregious we’re not sure what’s going to happen: if they’re going to be able to reattach this or repair this person after such a violent attack.

“The intention by this person was to permanently deprive this victim of his genitalia,” Nightengale added.

The victim, who was not identified, told detectives Becker made him dinner, but he believed something was wrong with his food. He went to lie down and woke up to find himself tied to the bed, with his wife tugging his clothes off, he said. She then allegedly cut off his penis.

The victim went into surgery before detectives could get further details.

Investigators searched the home and recovered a rope and a knife.

Who cuts off a man’s penis and throws it in a disposal?! I am all about revenge if someone does something absolutely despicable, but to take a man’s penis just seems downright cruel. The worst thing is that this was planned and she had time to orchestrate the whole crime. It wasn’t enough for her to just cut off his penis, she wanted to ensure he would never be able to use it again. How would she feel if someone sewed up her vagina and burnt the shit out of it so that there was no way of using it again?! I am happy that she is able to face life in prison for what she has done. Regardless of what occurred between the spouses, resorting to dick removal was not the answer.

Source: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/2011/07/oc-woman-in-custody-for-poisoning-husband-cutting-off-his-penis.html

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